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Mighty Oak “For the Mighty Oak to grow, you got to plant a tiny seed.” From the Meatloaf Family: His amazing career spanned 6 decades that saw him sell over 100 Million albums worldwide and star …

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Isolation-Damnation vs Family-Salvation

Isolation is being alone, shielding yourself from dis-comfort, danger and inconvenience. When we are seeking comfort over (sans/without) dis-comforts, as we see them offered by various groups or persons, a person, at times, will forsake the needs or ‘overlook’ the miseries of others, even while ‘pretending’ to allow for their needs, existence and opinions.

Creator & Purpose – Proof

You are here by the will of the Creator of All, representing Self. Self has desire and no desire. Self has a physical body and no physical body. Self has Death and no death.

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Comfort sans Dis-Comfort

…we have learned the more one focuses on comfort sans discomfort – the more discomfort sans comfort you get …
– go figure

Pain/Death Pays for Free Will

Humanity and a Human Being are walking cosmic eggs and from conception to Death, within our bodies and experiences, and the world around us are all showing the journey of our universe from Air to Density.

Carnivore Causes Kovid Evidence Inside

There are many people of a supercilious nature who are always ready to crack a joke at the expense of those who practice methods of divine healing which teach one to cultivate a fearless attitude of mind under ……

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Vegans Exempt from JAB – YAY!!!

Vegans Keep Winning – “Vegetarians are missing out on more than just meat — and it’s a good thing.

Who Cries Louder Plants or Animals

Unfortunately for the man or woman who kills all day everyday for their job at the slaughterhouse is recognized by the legal/penal Cist Em to be so void of regard for life they are ineligible to judge another human life.

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Americans, Hollywood’s Sales Force

We discuss Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud nephew and Aldous Huxley and I Love Lucy.

“Come Pass” the “S Query”

The paddleboat ride at 4.5 years old helps us remember when time stops from a child or a mature person when they become mentally engaged to the point where the clock disappears from their existence, for a time.

Time / Paddle Boat of Love / Pa’s Tea

When we go to Grandpa’s house for Grandpa’s tea, brew, concoction, well, he prepares it for us, and serves it, and proceeds to tell us all the wonderful stories of his past, while we listen and drink the tea . “Pa’s” “T” is very delicious and the mental pictures and time machine that grandpa provides are very delightful also.

Ugly Scrooge vs New Baby & Monergists vs Synergists – Who Chooses Who

For his night of dreams. He lives a long life of the world and watched the outcomes of his efforts across many lives. All the people he touched also touched him and that night he had a night of dreams. All that he did not know he knew he found out that night in his dreams. Scrooge became as pure as a baby full of reverence when he awoke I knew that morning. He knew the meaning and purpose of his life from that moment forward. ….

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