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Reliable or Unreliable?

Shall we tell them about reliable and unreliable things? Will we tell them the difference between hypotheticals and proven math? Can we show them how to determine what is provable and what should be considered unproven? Will they come to know what a theory is? and what basing a new theory on an existing theory means?

How to ‘Make it Happen!’ 6 Steps to Luck

When you are making your lists, you will come to missing knowledge. Find the guides to assist you in acquiring the correct knowledge that has been proven with simple observation.

Happy Break from being In Dependence Day! (The 47th Problem of Euclid) July 4 2021 or 4.7.21 in Europe

They are partners, squeezing Man or providing the ‘pressure’ we demand! To the Man Agers of the world the Equinoxes are more important than North and South. We are equally pressured from the East and West by Science/Academia and Religion/Media/News

A Dinner Party Answers the Omega and Success in any Endeavor

The gathering was great. Being together, to gather was great. We became more from it. We will remember the parts we know in our heart – the love and the sharing – and the things that are provable, people are real and care about each other.

Who/What/Where are The Fallen?

by Kevin Gilbert – Ride Thera Team July 1, 2021 Forgive me for being an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic but I see the Fallen as “F” All In. In other words “F” symbolizes the number of Man and Humanity and All In is what you do in a game of high chance and …

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Iron Triangles

Dr. Paul M. Johnson, professor of the department of political science at Auburn University, defines iron triangles as “The closed, mutually supportive relationships that often prevail in the United States between the government agencies, the special interest lobbying organizations, and the legislative committees or subcommittees with jurisdiction over a particular functional area of government policy. …

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Higher-order accurate space-time schemes for computational astrophysics

Anon asked about Higher-order accurate space-time schemes for computational astrophysics.My answer: Anal Eyes brains (analyzing) think this about the “Runge–Kutta schemes and ADER (Arbitrary DERivative in space and time)” —- “The first overarching goal of this review is to document several higher-order methods that can now be applied to simulations in computational astrophysics.”Note the word …

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thich nhat hanh

What 5 Institutions / Beliefs do Educators/Intellectuals/Academics Promote?

“The common thread running through heliocentrism, evolution, psychology, and communism is that there is no God.Indeed, atheism is logically a necessary element for each of those man-made philosophies to stand.” – Edward HendrieSUN-21 KGilbert — Today at 8:49 AM“Observe, then, that when you are silently conversing with yourself, this very process is carried on within …

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