Violence vs Non-Violence, Why Both?

Violence vs Non-Violence, Why Both?

Allowing for Nature means also allowing for the Impetus to Nature and that is observable but Unknowable through words or measurement. Actions only. Only actions can make the Heart move or be convinced. The Impetus for Nature and all Life including Nature Personified as Human Beings (You and ME) is the Atomic sized Light Ray existing inside every beating Heart. Including the beating Heart of Earth/Nature itself.

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My Body My Nature My Game – A daily journal of a Human Being

What does Nature show me about Density and Destiny. I see people with masks and find myself staring into the densest yet most revealing particle of their existence and story, their eyes. In the field of Iridology, the eyes are said to show the present, history, future and outcome of the person’s organs, mental state and potential.

We all know the eyes are the window to the soul. And to the sole person or player. Each person and their eyes tells us their story and confirms that we are all soul and sole persons or players in this game called Life. The density and the destiny of every soul or sole person is written on their face and in their eyes.

“Solo” means you feel you do not need anyone OR that also means you have relegated yourself to the “O”uroboros style of living with never ending cycles, in a selfish and a disregarding of meaningful things in your behavior or manner.

Humans Appear on Earth

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We come to the Earth, Nature game as individuals, with the impetus of dividing duality (moral/immoral and violence/non-violence) and to learn through the game experience, that duality cannot be divided. They co-exist within Nature and ourselves. As players we have to ask the question – What am I, outside this game playing experience?

My body and Life in it’s Current form and position, some see me as ugly and call me so. Some see me as beautiful and call me so. Some say they hate me and show it. Some say they love me and show it. The audience is always right, right?

The Audience is Always Right

Thank you audience! I now know I am both beautiful and ugly! The audience is always right. What more can I learn from this? How do I evolve from this point of recognition and realization.

One thing about a game is you have to learn it some and then dive in to learn more. If you like the game and it challenges you you will stay with it and learn more and more about it and best playing techniques. If the game bores you, you move on to another. We all love to play games, It is our Nature.

What if I am Awesome

If you were an awesome being that was within Creation and in ‘Creation mode’ and could create as a Creator …
If you were an awesome being, you could come to create many games to play. All levels of challenge and technique to challenge would be employed. If you created games with enough complexity and challenge, you could, literally, become lost within the game itself and, literally, forget the reason or objective for entering the game. We are here.

Metaphorically, it looks like a closed loop, an infinity/8-ball race track or a double diamond (seen with the “M” placed directly onto the “W”). We always get both tracks on this ‘game’ loop. One is smooth and non-violent. The other is sharp and is violent. Both exist, simultaneously, within each of us. All of our developments over Millennia are from this ‘game’ arrangement.

From your Physical eyes and senses, it looks like Earth, Heavens and Life Forms. All the events of your Life can be called into your Now anytime by rememberance. There is no time. We have constructed it to play this game. You have now proven to yourself that we have constructed time with our Minds.

violence – non violence (the impetus of Nature) or

dis allowance – allowance (the impetus of Humanity)

violence – is forced damage
non violence – is NO forced damage

dis allowance – does not allow for both non violence/violence
allowance – allows for both non violence/violence

The Violin

The violin, the vile “N” is an instrument for ‘status quo’ and the ‘insignificant man’ model that has been documented since 1900 and the Eton College, a breeding ground for officers of the Master’s Meme delivery system. There group at Eton was one of many formed from the leadership of City of London($), Wash. DC(military force), Hollywood/Ideas on behavior (Is Real?) and Tavistock. Their boss is the front wall of the Church in the walled city inside It aly. All world leaders must kiss the hand of these jules before they get their ‘charge’ of their country.

Childsplay to observe and countless documents exist to validate it.

As is always, Nature must show us the Part and the Counter Part

What’s Church Got to do with It

Behind that wall of the church is where the secret meetings between named ones and unnamed ones occurs. Flock members may enter and work their way up the heirarchy.

Almost everyone I know looks at me with disgust and disdain when I start talking about non-violence. If I start talking about not eating meat or killing innocent animals they directly fight me or run away. It makes me wonder why non violence and not killing innocent animals is such an egregious position to hold in this world.

I have been promoting and pushing and talking loudly about non-violence off and on throughout my life but especially over the last several years. Prior to that I spent my whole life disregarding others and causing a lot of strife wherever I landed. I selfishly took care of myself and I disregarded all others and that was my lifestyle.

I developed all the lines on my face and all the experiences and all the shade on my heart from those years. Now that I’m pushing non-violence compassion forgiveness understanding humility and regard for all others as myself I am finding as much opposition as I did when I used to push selfishness and violence.

It is a quite fantastic, interesting and fascinating dilemma and face off I find myself in personally.

The Face-Off

The fact that I am now facing straight on, the issues of violence and nonviolence, not only what I see daily around me, but in all the memories of all I’ve ever seen in the world over the last 61 years including all the personal events that I personally was involved in.

I find the complexities very intriguing and one of them is the ways that the world itself and the people around me are developing, including myself on a moment by moment basis. We in the world appear, to be developing and constantly evolving, while our nature and nature around us, is always moving at the same time and always achieving balance.

Within our own bodies we see this continuous action of violence and nonviolence keeping our form and our being existing. Nature itself appears to be showing us that violence and nonviolence are coexisting and need and require each other to exist.

No matter which direction I turn, in the world anyway, there is always an equal mix that is always moving and balancing, a mix of violence and non violence. No matter who pushes for violence or who pushes for nonviolence, it is a constant tug of war and ebb and flow similar to the one we see within each human body and life experience.

Allowance vs Dis-Allowance

I can allow, now, conceptually, that nature itself requires violence and nonviolence to exist. Which allows me to visualize myself as allowing for violence and non violence as I observe nature. I take the fact that I am observing and thinking about it very seriously as that (mental application) is the main reason for the viewing screen of my being hood. I can still hold on, conceptually, that joy is possible without pain, if I substitute the word joy for something else. The word joy cannot exist without the word pain. The word violence cannot exist without the idea of nonviolence.

Nature is the reason I am alive and stay in my form. It provides the energy force and design to perpetuate me. There is non-stop violence and non-violence xpontaneously and on schedules happening inside my body – at all times – never a dull moment. Everything natural and Nature is a combination and the reason for positive/negative and violence vs non-violence.

Nature is that. As a living entity, Nature has apparently personified itself into ME as many. Each of us, uniquely personafied. Each of us is a Child of Nature same as we are a Child of our Mother and Father. Nature carries both Mother and Father at once. Nature is our Mother and Father of Human Life and Experience. Each of us is a Mini ME of Nature Itself.

Nature is the Game AND the Parts at Once

Nature is the “game board”. We are game pieces but we are made exactly as Nature, with all the aspects of Nature. All the properties of Nature. All the beauty and ugly of Nature. All the powers and magic ability of Nature. All the Non-Violence plus all the Violence. So what does Nature want from It’s Children.

Mot her is Male dominant Feminine provideing Motherly OT (overtime) to sleeping in Children.

Fat Her is the masculine trying to achieve Completion

We are the Sun. To get to the Fat Her, you must go through the Sun
It has been written similarly and the above is one translation I came to.

Father starts with “F”, the 6th letter. To match a Nine, you have to Complete first and then you would becomwe a “6” or a match to a Nine.

Objective Completion Winning

In order to find Completion and be match-able to a Nine, we allow for Nature. Inside our Nature Personafied existence, deep, deep inside, there is an atomic sized light ray that is unviewable and unmeasurable. This minute particle ray, is the Unknowable Source of All, including Nature and You.

This tiny particle of a particle is the holder of all treasures and Knowledgr of All things. The reason it is inside you is also the reason for your explorations here in the Realms. Joy is possible without Pain if Nature is Allowed to exist. It means you would allow for all Nature (includes you as a Child of Nature and all other Children of Nature)

It means you acknowledge and allow for violence and non-violence as you see it and as it exists within your own body in a constant state of flux/movement and continuously in Balance. It is the Impetus for your Physical existence = which is temporary.

Nature, for each of us, is our Counterpart. It looks at us as from the perspective of an eternal being without time. We look at it from the perspective of temporary and limited time.

Allowing for Nature means also allowing for the Impetus to Nature and that is observable but Unknowable through words or measurement. Actions only. Only actions can make the Heart move or be convinced. The Impetus for Nature and all Life including Nature Personified as Human Beings (You and ME) is the Atomic sized Light Ray existing inside every beating Heart. Including the beating Heart of Earth/Nature itself.

Where is all the Action

All action (ALL ACTION) is inside and manifested from the Heart. It manifests in your feet, hands and speech.
Nature Personified, a Human Being, walks with a straight line of vertical energy through their body running North and South. This line runs forever and has no beginning or end.

There is a second, never ending line of energies that run horizontally through your center, running forever, East and West, with no beginning or end.

These two never ending lines converge at the center point of your Heart. This is where the atomic light ray of the Unknown Source of All lives inside you. All manifestations, treasures and learning tools emanatefrom and end here, in the center of a beating Heart, here on Eart. Natural beings with beating Hearts are the reason and power behind all you have ever or will see. All emanating from the atomic sized light ray inside each beating Heart.

All matters of the Heart can now be considered for our Exodus from our long journey and explorations. We are very fine citizens of the Realms and Children of the Unknowable light ray in our Hearts. We are Nature – and much more.

Steps 1 to 4 to Win

The first step to self realization is to conceptually allow for Nature and yourself as Nature. The second step is to live it.
Third step is to acknowledge the light ray Source of All living as partner within every beating Heart on Earth.
Forth step is apply or to put it all together as you gather.

When Man Allows Nature – Nature Allows Man to Know Thyself

We are a Child of Nature as Personified Nature and we are each the Child of the Unknowable Source of All
We are here to know both.

The Source of All is always a mystery and my story at the same time. Nature is an aspect of all there is behind the curtain. Included within Nature (a product of the greater mystery) is the Mind. It is shared with all the Animals, the Earth itself and the exalted ones – Us Human Beings.

You can think of the Mind as an accelerant or ‘game challenge’. It allows for any mental reach and any conclusion. Fantasies and unprovable things come from the Mind. We build the shared Mind with every moment that passes and it is ‘tappable’ by all. When we do tap our Mind we usually think it is our own, and it is, but it also is a shared Mind.

The Mind is an aspect of Nature as are all life forms and Human Beings. The only difference is the level of Human Beings to Exalted. We are available to the greatest heights of union with the Unknowable Source of All through careful study of ourselves, others and the Nature as us and within us and the Nature and Creation event happening around us.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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