Kovid update: Human Cells become Antennas w ‘Teslaphoretic Field’ Jab

Kovid update: Human Cells become Antennas w ‘Teslaphoretic Field’ Jab


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Teslaphoresis – What the …..?

This sum up we are writing here has been written hundreds of times, mostly in the last 10 years. Hopefully we can add three more people to “those in the know”. Those who know what to allow and what to dis-allow, in their thoughts. Please read on.

“…. While experimenting with Tesla coils, a team, led by Cherukuri, decided to see what would happen if they applied a long-range forcefield generated by a specially designed Tesla coil to some single-walled carbon nanotubes. What they found was that, once they were hit by the “Teslaphoretic field” (TEP), the positive and negative charges of the nanotubes began to oscillate and the tubes automatically arranged themselves into conductive, wire-like structures.

Furthermore, the newly formed wires also absorbed the energy from the Tesla coil, creating a form of wireless power….” From: https://www.designnews.com/alternative-energy/so-whats-teslaphoresis-and-how-can-it-make-self-assembling-circuits – Chris Wiltz | May 09, 2016

TCN – Teslaphoresis of Carbon Nanotubes

nono bot in you

Was High Tek back in 2016

“We show that the TEP field not only directs the self-assembly of long nanotube wires at remote distances (> 30 cm) but can also wirelessly power nanotube-based LED circuits. Furthermore, individualized CNTs self-organize to form long parallel arrays with high fidelity alignment to the TEP field. Thus, Teslaphoresis is effective for directed self-assembly from the bottom-up to the macroscale.” https://www.researchgate.net/publication/301288013_Teslaphoresis_of_Carbon_Nanotubes/link/5c4b3d80a6fdccd6b5c8597f/download

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Rice Rice Baby! – May 2016

At Rice U they think they invented or discovered teslaphoresis, well, they did claim they named it at least. It is nano materials that can ‘self-assemble’. Yes, the smallest materials known (single carbon nano-tubes) and now that they have discovered they can ‘hit’ them with tesla coil beams and adjust or modify the frequencies to direct/manage the assembly of these teeny, tiny little nano-robot, machines.


Who is Enemy, is it Chinese Soldiers

Harold Kautz Vella 5G vs Green Light Expert

https://prepareforchange.net/ HKV Website

Do these nono bots go into the Human Body

HKV is almost completely scrubbed from the KNET now. He is the premiere knower of the Green Light solution. Below is a link that is working and current, many of the hundreds of vids he made have been seen and downloaded by millions, will they share, will they be able to.


These little self-assembled machines can be manipulated and controlled wirelessly. If inside the human body, a smart phone or nearby boosted EM signals can also affect the human body, brain and actions. It has been 6 years since this, now publicly acknowledged success, of nono tek was announced to the public.

The ‘metal’ or dark goo gel called ‘graph seen’ is the foundation the remotely con trolled nono carbon tubies assemble onto. When you counter the dark goo gell graph seen, it becomes harmless. It will only work with sole persons who have yielded to darkness, a purple bleeding heart and their vessel/body/being as insignificant outside gratifying of the senses and mental or red zone areas. Thus devaluing oneself and creating the environment for darkness and parasites.

Since 2016, the gov, Mr Build Gates, the SM crowd(social media) and Dr Fasce are on it with Dr Fasce’s NIH-ilism team and his old partners at big farmah leading the ‘science’ on self replicating nanobutts assembling your human cells into maga ‘cell tower’ antenna bases. The survivors of this assault will become the proud possessions of the monsters. The rest die from a myriad of reasons including fighting each other.

How to Counter the Lil Bots Inside you Now

Since we are Nature and Nature is our counterpart also, It/Us always provides or contains a part and a counterpart. It has been known and written since Greek times and before and as recent as 1802, that all diseases are not diseases but mental reactions that lead to actions that cause detriment to the body that doc Thors re-name as maladies and the prescribe their business partner’s products for remedy.

This knowledge proves the first step to recognizing your true nature is to realize it is entirely based on your thoughts, leading to your actions, leading to your health, well being and relationships. The KEY to success is in your ability to control your thoughts. This affects everything in your reality. Can you control your thoughts. Challenge yourself a little everyday until you become proficient at it!

What about those lil bots assembled on graph seen nono-boards causing my human cells to become microwave transmitter/receivers?

There is a color to look to to resolve anything nature or man throws at you. If you choose to turn from this color – all Hell is about to reign on you. Not a threat or a promise. It is a careful observation of nature in action, always achieving balance. So, how do we counter smart dust, graph seen in air, water and grocery store products? And what of those of us who chose to have graph seen installed directly via Klaus’s Swabs or Build Gates/Fasces’s hypodermics?

It is true, all people near a highway or EM/Wifi route are infected. We get most of our infection of graph seen via consumer products and the restaurants/grocery stores. It is also injected into water supplies and in the air as one of the air trails agendas. It cannot be escaped, we are all infected with this base structure for human takeover or ‘cyborging’ or merging metal with organic.

The effort/reason is to maintain human life for an extended period so human experiments can continue in an effort to duplicate Creation itself. Or you could say a complete replacement of the Most High Creator aka Usurpation. Those who survive become our ‘future’, as lab-rats to the end…

Whatever their reasons or impetus, it does not affect the fact, we all represent and are in fact Nature itself, personified into many personas. So what about countering the lil bot takeover of my body and mind. What does Nature provide to counter it. What is the color and location please:

The Word is (color) Green

The forth energy center is the Heart and it’s color is Green. Learn the explanations of the sanskrit phrase – Anahata. Search on this site.

Think of your body as four never ending straight lines running North East West and South and they make a bullseye right at your center, in the middle of your Heart. This where all the action is. This is where all your power to be or not be resides. This where we can allow ‘others’ to have use of our controls of the colors and influence of our Hearts. Our HQ of control of our well being and surrounding ‘reality’.

The Heart’s natural color is Green. It is pure Green at birth and gets shaded and covered over with new color as we make our way through the world. Most of us now have Purple color over our Hearts from the continuous focus on matters of Red and Blue. Red being your senses and stomach down and Blue being your upper senses and thinking.

If your primary focus is on thinking and sensual, well, your Heart becomes mostly covered with Purple leaving you vulnerable to emotional attacks. Your ‘unclear’ thinking and wrongly colored Heart work against you unless you stop the Psyche Cull with your Intellect and find the road to a Green heart once again. This will repair all things, give you clarity and courage needed to fix your and our world.

Please join me in forming small groups to agree on as et of basic knowledge of the above so we can heal and repair as many as possible. Reference material added below text.

We will use our Intellect to ‘practice’ behaviors that allow our Green Heart to be revealed. We will remove layers of the wrong colors from our Hearts to reveal a Clarity filled, Fearless and Indestructible Heart bursting with Green energy and we will win this battle!

Unless anyone wants to oppose the takeover, we should meet at the center as the crossing is approaching. At the crossing, if you are centered, you may escape this double-diamond/8-ball track of love. (Another name for this cycle is psyche-cull and Fizz-I-Cull or the most popular repeat-incarnation – YOU and I are the reason for incarnates)

If you are polarized when we arrive, you stay on the ride until your ‘soul battery’ finally cannot continue.

from Dr Fasce NIH-ilism Website


“This paper introduces Teslaphoresis, the directed motion and self-assembly of matter by a Tesla coil, and studies this electrokinetic phenomenon using single-walled carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Conventional directed self-assembly of matter using electric fields has been restricted to small scale structures, but with Teslaphoresis, we exceed this limitation by using the Tesla coil’s antenna to create a gradient high-voltage force field that projects into free space….” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27074626/

Private Researchers are ALL OVER THIS

Companies, corporations and their members are trying to find digital sustainability under these circumstances. Demonstrating how far the love of money – a mental construct – can go. The future of I/O below. Or aka, sustainable digital partnerships.

While Simultaneously Enduring Climate Disasters

“Chief Risk Officer and Interim CIO at Zurich Insurance Group AG Peter Giger, discusses the WEF risks report and the impact of climate change on insurance. He says “Insurance will not fix the problem. Societies will pay for the increase in damages”. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition.”


Who took the first shot, is war imminent

The graph seen oxidator is naturally attracted to the higher electrical nature of the nervous system, spinal cord and brain but, when the person is stressed or anxious the graph seen heads directly to the overcharged Heart and causes agitation and inflammation or myocarditis and clotting. We are all infected with some levels of graph seen and nono’s but taking the jab gives you a much larger and powerful dose of graph seen and it’s partners, directly into your blood and nervous systems. Green light will counter this, see above.


All the evidence you need, in case you have not seen enough, above.


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