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CHOICE – C Ovid 19x or Kovid

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Am I a Sheep – Ovid aka Void – Am I Here

Does ‘See “C”Ovid’ have intel for us to end Kovid. Ovid was exiled for offending ‘the dignity’ of the state. He was an outcome of politics. He stood for values considered harmful to the current regime of the time of his exile. Rome revoked his exile in December of 2017.

Why does Ovid mean sheep and spell void. Do you ever feel like one. Ovid (void?) was a few hundred years descendant of his hero Pythagoras (another void?), one of the founders of mathematics and western civilization including the ‘lean’ toward deductive reasonings, theories and fantasies. What does the word Ovid mean:


  1. A 1st century BC Roman poet.
  2. A male given name from Latin of mainly historic use.
  3. statutory town in Sedgwick CountyColorado.
  4. An unincorporated community in Bear Lake CountyIdaho.
  5. A small city in Clinton County and Shiawassee CountyMichigan.
  6. ghost town in Ray CountyMissouri.
  7. A town and village in Seneca CountyNew York; the village is one of the two county seats of the county.

Ovid as a name

One look at everything Ovid; https://www.onelook.com/?w=Ovid&ls=a

Let Ovid take you from the Void of your Mind to the Expanse of your Heart

Ovid and the Void force us to look at ugly to see beauty. It is a lesson on both extremes and balance. Balance is Nature’s calling card. Always in flux, always maintaining balance, always completely bare for all to see. As clear as the Air.

Or read Ovid Metamorphoses and ponder. HaHa for some, blah blah for numb, nahnah for more,
for those who chore, there is no door but endless mega maga meta mor and more and more

The important thing isn’t culture, but human beings. When human beings are free, their culture is free. When human beings are domesticated, asleep, turned into marketing objects for consumer products, their culture is domesticated.

It has always been this way, let us not fool ourselves. Seneca, Cicero and Plutarch have come down to us… but in their time, the masses filled the circuses, not the libraries. And in spite of all the destruction, all all the censorship, all the bonfires, real talent has reached us in the form of the classics.

Perhaps in their time, some versifier, singer or miserable gladiator was better known than Ovid who died of sadness in distant Tomis (far from Rome). Today, Ovid is laughing his head off in my library, free for ever from all Caesars, including the Caesar of Copyright.” from: http://zenitservices.com/Translations/2006/TheEndOfTheCycle.html

In Metamorphoses, Ovid uses several of his stories to show examples of different types of love and passion. Two stories with examples of both love and passion are the stories of Pyramus and Thisbe and of Byblis and Caunus. On the other hand, an example of passion is the story of Medea and Jason. Within his stories about love and passion, Ovid reveals the danger of passion without love and the harm in love and intense passion.
The tragic story of Pyramus and Thisbe is about how forbidden love intensifies passion, which results in harm.” from: https://www.cram.com/essay/Comparing-Love-And-Passion-In-Ovids-Metamorphoses/FJ42JHEAJT


Famous Vegans Below

Nin says:
I contend that the start of discussion of man animals nature killing murder death life? at 570BC by Pythagoras was “to be against violence and killing of any kind, including animals” to today by will.i.am, he sings and writes of murder of animals, and he is an advocate for anti-violence, but is he putting the 2 together? and he is suffering from a physical malady and says it is getting worse, so I guess now people won’t care about his vegan life.

Also, will i am has tinnitus and goes to doctors and joined a t ea m of musicians who ‘suffer from tinnitus’, I say, how bout electricity. He has an older brother who was in prison for spousal battery, now works with will. not sure if he a vegan now. The #1 spiritual leader on first site in search is Brahmarishi Mohanji: We talk and preach about God. How can we reach God when we cannot even see God in every being?When we start looking at all beings as expressions of the Almighty, can we hurt any being at all.

List of famous ones all taught the animal thing first and peta takes over a lot of discussions about vegan…WHERE IS THE HUMAN??

Ancient – Pythagoras, Ovid…

Vegan Celeb List

Interview with will.i.am and vegan

https://nutriciously.com/vegan-doctors/ (15 docs, current)

Spiritual leaders

another sites list, So who are these famous vegan celeb:

Ancient / Past times: Ovid, Pythagoras and Others

this list from this website https://poweredbyorange.com/11-most-famous-vegans-in-history/:

Pythagoras Pythagoras (c. 570-c. 495 BC) Pythagoras is very likely best remembered for his Pythagorean Theorem for figuring the area of a right triangle, which is fundamental to geometry, but the Greek thinker was responsible for a number of scientific and mathematical discoveries and a major influence on Plato. Committed to a communal and ascetic humanistic lifestyle, Pythagoras founded a school whose members were sworn to secrecy and lived according to his teachings. He was said to be against violence and killing of any kind, including animals.
Modern historians debate whethe

He personally advocated a vegan lifestyle. In any case, the Pythagoras of history in works by Edoxus of Cnidus and Ovid is portrayed as compassionate to animals and following Pythagorean meat-free diet to him.

Buddha (c. 563/480–c. 483/400 BCE) Known as Gautama Buddha and as Siddhārtha Gautama in Sandskrit, Buddha embarked on a long journey in total poverty in search of enlightenment. His journey formed the basis of the Buddhist faith. On this path, Buddha came to advocate for a strict meat- and cruelty- free diet, calling for humankind to prevent animal suffering. …………HOW BOUT HUMAN SUFFERING?>>>>>>>>>>>>nin says

Ovid (43 BC-AD 17 or 18) We know that the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso, known as Ovid, followed a vegan-like diet because he wrote about the dietary beliefs of another ancient figure: the Ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Like Pythagoras, Ovid was a stoic who believed that one’s conduct should be harmonious with the natural world. The poetry of Ovid is noted for its emotion and eroticism. For reasons that are lost to history, he spent the last decade of his life in exile in present day Romania, where he is hailed as a national literary hero.

He enjoyed enormous popularity during his lifetime. Regardless, the emperor Augustus banished him to a remote province on the Black Sea, where he remained until his death. Ovid himself attributes his exile to carmen et error (“a poem and a mistake”).

Today, Ovid is most famous for the Metamorphoses, laten Transformations, 8AD
Opening lines of the poem: In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas / corpora “I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities”

Al-Maʿarri (973-1057)The Arab poet and philosopher al-Maʿarri In his writing, he denounces eating animal flesh or drinking milk.

Voltaire (1694-1778) His writings positioned vegetarianism as a virtue of the Enlightenment and continue to be influential

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) concluding that he did not want his body to “be a tomb for other creatures.”- THAT”S A STUPID REASON>>>>>nin says

William Blake (1757-1827) The English Romantic poet was an original thinker who completed brilliant idiosyncratic works that used images and text like Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1789) and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790 and 1793) while living an artist’s life of poverty and obscurity. He wrote passionately about the virtues of diet that avoided violence. He was discovered and celebrated very late in his life and his influence in art and literature cannot be overstated. VEGAN VS VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) It is fitting that author best known for grotesque descriptions of the rotting flesh obtained by grave robbing to assemble the monster at the heart of her novel Frankenstein (1818) also avoided consuming animal flesh. Shelley shared her meat free diet with her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822), making her one of the most famous vegans in history. Her mother feminist pioneer Mary Wolstonecraft (1759-1797) also was a principled vegetarian.

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) American founding father and Renaissance man Benjamin Franklin was a proud vegetarian, who called eating animals “unprovoked murder.” In his autobiography he discussed becoming a vegetarian at the age of 16.

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)a Quaker, believed in all forms of social justice, including suffrage, women’s rights and the abolition of slavery, which was nearly unheard of in her time. She was also active in the animal welfare movement of the 19th century, speaking at the first meeting of American Vegetarian Society. Her struggle was met with considerable opposition but by her 80th birthday, she would be invited as an honored guest of the President William McKinley at the White House. She is the first woman and the only non-meat eater ever to have her likeness grace US currency.

Adam Schiff
Cory Booker
Cathy Jamieson
Thangam Debbonaire
Christina Rees
Eric Adams

Ariana Grande
Billie Eilish
Woody Harrelson
Rainn Wilson
Evanna Lynch
Stevie Wonder
Brian May
Liam Hemsworth
Paul McCartney

Alec Baldwin
Tobey Maguire
Mayim Bialik
Natalie Portman
Brad Pitt
Joaquin Pheonix
Woody Harrelson
Rainn Wilson
Evanna Lynch
Elliot Page
Jessica Chastain
Jenna Dewan
Casey Affleck

Russell Simmons
Pamela Anderson
Fearne Cotton
Kat Von D
Bimini Bon Boulash
Romesh Ranganathan
Travis Barker
Boy George
Ellen DeGeneres
James Cameron

top 8
Lewis Hamilton
Colin Kaepernick
Venus Williams
Kyrie Irving
Scott Jurek
Tia Blanco
Jack Lindquist
Carl Lewis
Lionel Messi

same ones, top 15
1Lewis Hamilton
2 David Haye
3 Serena Williams
4 Dotsie Bausch
5 Patrik Baboumian
6 Nate Diaz
7 Jehina Malik
8 Scott Jurek
9 Mike Tyson
10 Alex Morgan
11 Tia Blanco
12 Abel Trujillo
13 Morgan Mitchell
14 Hannah Teter
15 David Zabriskie

There is a clue here that non-violence enhances your life and violence tears it down.

https://magneticmagic.net/?s=anahata for the cure.

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