Kovid Part 4 – Brave New World, How Did we Arrive Here

Kovid Part 4 – Brave New World, How Did we Arrive Here

Practitioners are Practicers’ – as they Show Us, Meet the Etons

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Practitioners are Practicers’ – as they Show Us

Meet the Etons



Aldous Huxley, (a Do What thou Wilt – anarchist), an atheist, but highly interested in Christian Mysticism, means AL (false gods) Do Us (do something to us) – Hux (means Hex) Ley (means law of magnetism) IE, How to cast spells – convince Humans that – Selection/Eugenics is good?

  • Have them enjoy killing and eating Animals
  • Submit to mental processes primarily and sensual gratification only,
  • leaving you vulnerable to all suggestions (see Hollywood/Tavistock)
  • Create an empty person who will submit ala Pavlov’s Dog Syndrome
  • An illusion of Free Will must be presented and validated
  • Strip natural compassion and blindly submit to suggestion
  • Convince them all men and women are are beasts
  • Convince them they have no higher purpose
  • Convince them comfort and happiness are your identity
  • Convince them eugenics-selection is ok, select the best – get rid of the rest.
  • Provide all the satisfactions to desires and validations

Known in 1900 – in 100 years Consumers will no longer be needed

In fact, this continuous leaking of Free Will are the ‘invisible’ breadcrumbs to our ‘hidden’ purpose. The parameters/playpen we find ourselves in are mostly from false motivations and this leads to actions and developments in relationships and institutions.

The goodness in people are so bright to see, we always can detect it through the cracks of the muck, regardless of the continuous throwing of it. It can only layer so much and never enough to hide our true power, ‘light’ and love for each other. It is the counterpart to the mucky situation we find ourselves.

These mighty influencers, Russell, Huxleys. HG Wells, Darwin, Einstein and many others, were all subjected to insane trauma and forced rape as children to lean them toward homosexuality and basic dysfunctionalism. These became and others that followed to today, the mighty influencers of our behavior and overall outlook on our specialness or ‘beast-ness’. It is still our choice, regardless of their minor tactics against our superiority.

At the present time, many of us have chosen the route of beast-ness and un-specialness. An individual trying to divide duality – an im possible task apparently – with no purpose outside comfort and sensual gratification.

The Brave New World arrived. It is not available only in books anymore. We are living it.

This where all the mockery and disdain in movies, TV shows, opinion-aters, conversations and the average man’s care for each other comes from. With these monsters out of the picture, we are looking at a love fest with nothing but creativity, progression and evolution. The counterpart to what we have now.

AL Do Us and his butt buddies, HG Wells, Bertram Russell, TH Huxley, Darwin and Epstein, oh sorry, I meant Einstein were super swell pals and their boss’s name has not been written in any book but I could tell you a few of them.

The scientific world of today, our modern Al Do Us World, is kind of like our science leaders today and their partners, the governments have become in league with all the corporate owners, who happen to include a large contingent of ‘average’ Americans in the various fields of academic and professional.

Status Quo is necessary to maintain dominance. Creativity and self-realization cannot be tolerated. All other avenues are acceptable if they are to mis-direct the subjects.

Many of our financial futures are tied to the success of the demons who run science, government, media and religion. As you see, there is a conflict and it is mostly based on temporary things that satisfy the senses for only a short time and they are gone.

It is a battle of the weak against the strong. The strong are assumed strong because of their control of and ability to amass temporary things. Even the less temporary things cannot be held onto, they are all fleeting.

The weakest have no access or desire for the temporary things. They are forced or they choose to seek meaningful things and reject temporary things. This apparent conflict is not really a conflict at all. As long as the poor do not hate the ‘rich’. And the rich do not hate the ‘poor’.

Unfortunately, the antagonism is based on false beliefs in most cases, so there would be no resolution without facing the correct question. When we see the Creation around us and existing equally within our body and imagination, well, then we see things as bigger than us and these smaller issues are more of a mirror to Nature and ourselves than ‘issues’.

They, the experiences and the lessons, become opportunities to learn about others, ourselves, the Creation inside us and everyone and the Creation event happening in front of our eyes and under our noses at all times.

Kovid? – See Ovid, next post

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