Kovid Part 3: Astrolabes – Coronas Care Core Cure Condensed

Kovid Part 3: Astrolabes – Coronas Care Core Cure Condensed

Although it can seem harsh to propose such views toward religions and the church, as in all things there is a part and a counterpart. As much as lies are perpetrated, the truth and the solutions have to be shown. It is the way of nature, the human experience and our reality.

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“…. this clock is not just another pretty face. Six hundred years ago it was a huge technological accomplishment that combined science, art, astronomy, and astrology. And to round out the package, it delivered a fair dose of religious admonition on the hour. 

Like all clocks, it has the standard hour and minute hand, but all the other wheels, hands, and symbols make it an astrolabe, which is a model of the universe.

It keeps good ol’ “when-is-lunch” time, Babylonian time, Old Bohemian time, and sidereal time (star time) used by astronomers to locate celestial bodies. And metaphysical types could check the status of their astrological sign on the zodiac ring. As clocks go, it has it all.” – end of excerpt.

So we see that for at least the last 600 years at various locations around the earth very intricate groups buildings systems clocks and Astro labs have been created to study the sky the heavens and all the bodies up there. The fact that these buildings groups and systems exist is not under debate. The common reason given for their motivation is always the church and their desire to prove God.

There is much more to it than that. Most people Pooh Pooh the idea have an awesome all knowing creator of everything. Putting that debate aside, most people are interested in how the end of the world comes to earth over and over again. This was the primary motivation of the people who made these machines and studied the heavenly bodies. We have evidence and proof of this written down in stacks of documentation dating back to the earliest Egyptian times and even from Babylon and sumeria.

Every civilization known to have passed up to the present day has studied the heavens to portend the past the present and the future. The current holder of all the telescopes that point at the sky in every possible configuration or the entity known as the church. They are studying every possible movement and change in the sky and the heavenly bodies at all times but are only telling you a few minor points about what they are seeing.

In the period of 1600 to 1666 there were many advancements and knowledge of the union between nature the universe is and human beings. These advancements were squelched and squashed as much as possible as the control group that ran society than could do. The control group was the same name as today’s control group and it was the church.

Although it can seem harsh to propose such views toward religions and the church, as in all things there is a part and a counterpart. As much as lies are perpetrated, the truth and the solutions have to be shown. It is the way of nature, the human experience and our reality.

Once this is understood and then realized all problems dissolve and all worries are lifted. Understanding and allowing all lives as your own becomes the obvious resolution.

pre 1700 Sacred Knowledge

The secret knowledge and understanding of the human condition goes back beyond Sanskrit times to Atlantis and beyond what is possible to see. We are able to detect early and middle Egyptian times and very clearly end Egyptian times and beginning Greek times and so forth from there up to the 1600s and then there seems to be a huge gap from the middle 1600s until today.

What was shared during all those times and written was that in our experience as life forms there is always a part and a counterpart. There is always a physical aspect and an energetic aspect out of which develops many variations and outcomes. The part and counterpart knowledge shows us that within our bodies and outside our bodies exist creation in a physical manifestation and also an energetic manifestation. Each of us is the part and the nature within us and outside of us is the counterpart.

Where did Lost Civilizations Go

Each civilization that appears to have disappeared from existence and history or that has many gaps in it’s timeline is showing us that nature took balance into it’s own hands and those civilizations were ended and restarted. Nature always achieves balance under all conditions. This is true in all life forms, their pairs and their groups. This is also true in the soul person and what is happening inside their body. Your counterpart being nature will always show you exactly where we, humanity, are at.

Solar Minimum – Excessive Solar Radiation

There are countless documentations and studies to show the solar minimum cycles of the sun. It is well known by climatologists and governments worldwide that the sun has been advancing its solar minimum cycles and increased in dramatic ways since 1990. This is being observed by all the climatologists, the governments and all of the churches observatories. It is not being shown to you on the news because they feel it is none of your business.

Instead they instruct their owned media operations to deflect what is going on and fill your mind with endless and needless operations of the mind and the census. Although this seems on the surface very unfair, because everything has a counterpart there is a fair aspect to it. For those who want the knowledge it is easily and readily available.

When the sun goes into solar minimum cycles it causes an advanced degree of solar radiation to reach the surface. This effect causes the four jet streams to tear from their normal pattern. This causes water to appear when it usually is not and to not appear where it usually is. It also causes dramatic changes in temperatures and seasons. It also causes dramatic climate disasters and flooding.

It is expected to peak in summer of 2024 and what will come after that is not clear at this time. We believe as centuries of other studied people do that the earth and the heavenly bodies and nature itself are intimately connected to each other as Part / Counter Part beings. One is mostly Physical and One is most Non-Physical and there is so much more!

The Cure

The cure is pure and clear as Air. All we have to do is Care. Lean toward your Heart for guidance and less toward your Mind and Physical gratification. Seek your Counter Part. Open your Heart. Gain Clarity, solve some problems and start caring and helping others. We are the solution. We are the Part and the Counter Part.

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