What Am I For? – 4 Pieces of the Puzzle

What Am I For? – 4 Pieces of the Puzzle

4 Primary Human Aspects of a Human Being:

4 Primary Human Aspects of a Human Being:


#1 aspect is the awesome tapestry that makes up a human being in the historical, physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects.

#2 aspect is the easiest to explain as a picture – a kitchen table with a couple staring at a beating stick or hammer that is sitting on the table. In front of them is this beating stick or hammer and they discuss the pros and cons of the stick and occasionally pick it up and wave it at the air and occasionally tap themselves with the stick and occasionally tap the person across with them or some imaginary person with the stick.

This is the way, from an outside observer, our behavior appears. Always detailing/mapping the beatings and never addressing the stick or the need for it.
What good does it do to map the world if all it brings is the world.

#3 aspect is the communication bubble that we all share and live within where we communicate in many different ways including speech, text and artistic production.

We also communicate through action and example. As the old saying goes actions speak louder than words and we know from experience this to be true. For example, trustworthiness is earned through your actions and not through your words.

The language itself has many flaws because of the multiple meanings and because when we use them the person reading or hearing them will also have multiple renderings of the meaning in their mind. This shows/demonstrates that the English language cannot be relied on as a reliable and definitive form of sharing ideas and concepts. But it can be looked at as a code, the “C” Ode or song for Childhood Man.

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The 4th aspect of the human condition is Nature itself which is in constant flux, development and balance. Because of this, Nature provides a mirror of the current outcome of human beings in all things, not only outside of our body, but also within our body and within our thoughts.

This 4th aspect called Nature is emanating all things including human beings. All things within Nature are an emanation of Nature and an exact mirror of outcomes and human activity. This is because Nature herself emanates all things including us, the human beings. We are Nature personified and we are exploring Nature as ‘mini-Me(s)” of Nature.

people woman art pattern
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We are Mini Me’s – a Tapestry of Nature

Each of us Mini Me’s is a grand Tapestry of all that has come before and we are in a constant state of flux and achieving a Balance of Developments. Nature, herself, is a Grand everchanging and developing Tapestry always achieving a Balance of Developments.

When we see our condition and beinghood as a combination of these four aspects then it makes our daily life and respect and admiration for other human beings and ourselves fulfilled. And sets the priority of Nature first.

What good does it do to map the world if all it gives you is the world? Elephant in room: Torture waits for those on highways and wifi routes
Not moral but in your face. All victims receive the following:

What is a Victim

“I Am senseless Wisdom I see the Point”

“V” plus “IC” means “I See the Point”, “T” means “senseless Wisdom”, “IM” means I Am

or “I Am senseless Wisdom I see the Point”
hence the story of people after dramas “getting religion”

A victim can see the point before, during or after drama/pain.. If any of us are victims – we are all victims. Allowance and fate will occur before the drama will end.

Convo from Our Group About Victimhood

Silas said:
Strange story here; is this one of the “failsafes”, along with Russia invading Ukraine (WW3), that will allow them to “back out” of this seemingly failed pandemic narrative? –


Leyman said:
there would be ‘several’ (million?) ‘backpocket’ strategy w variables/testing / results accounted for and allowing unknown organic development from advanced predictive learning discovered from (what looks like) timeless application of desired outcomes all responding at once to the organic and balance in action nature of Nature herself.

AI and IA sees each ‘sole individual’ and their effectual and potential addition or subtraction to desired ‘Natural Developments’ must be accounted for. This includes pairings, small groups and larger groups and the largest group(s).

The ‘monster’ looks to yield from yields it provokes via application, execution and discovery at the same time. A magical dance between AI – IA – and outcomes/developments and US

Ultimately we will discover that Monkey means My Key, Monster means My Stirrings and that the Enemy is no more than the “N” in ME and that AI as in all things within our existence is a Natural Mirror to IA
One is a mirror for our benefit. The other is a miracle for our benefit.

I guess this is a start to a blog (maybe), thank you Silas
start scribing folks, you will be very thankful you did

Silas said:
Like the financial markets, they will utilise “natural-like” coefficients within their formulas. Multipliers of risk and complex feasibility and risk analysis, based on a socio-psychological formula that will produce some sort of ratio of success or a decimalised figure (anything above 1 or a positive figure would provide a higher probability of success; akin to how a discounted cash flow study works within the wonderful world of investing). The variables will be complex and numerous too; the coefficient being a multiplier that factors into account the natural variability of the specific pathway of pursuit and consequent effects upon the said variables.

Leyman said:
these mighty complications and complexity prove to me the answer is in simplicity

Silas said:
Agreed, my friend. Simplicity is the sharpest of all blades, especially when it comes into contact with complexity, as complexity is built by hubris; hubris is the most brittle of material and the least durable of thread, hence complexity falls to simplicity, always, by the silence of surprise.

Some may say, too, that the current event may be a product of simplicity – though, the planning of which, and execution of, is clearly complex in scope – but the overarching metanarrative is demonstrably simplistic; it has to be to penetrate the thick skulls of the lesser folk, of whom it intends to make of victims.

Leyman said:
A balanced, heartfelt and clear mind summary sans the Xplanation of victim.

“V” plus “IC” means “I See the Point”, “T” means “senseless Wisdom”, “IM” means I Am

or “I Am senseless Wisdom I see the Point”
hence the story of people after dramas “getting religion”

A victim can see the point before, during or after drama/pain.. If any of us are victims – we are all victims. Allowance and fate will occur before the drama will end.


Linda said:
When children are little, they get jealous. They steal toys from other kids. They push other kids down. Sometimes they hit. Sometimes they kill. This has to be taught to them that it is wrong and hurtful. If left to their own accord, some will learn that it is hurtful. Some will learn that it is to their benefit. That’s my example. I’ve seen this with my kids and my family’s kids. Also kids they grew up with. Morality is not innate. It is taught.

Leyman said:
May I contribute. The child is a development of the parents. Where were they maturity wise when they conceived. Where was their life stability wise when the child came to the world.

These development factors are why we see a child become jealous. It is all a series of developments we as a group and as individuals are accountable for and Nature’s mirror shows us moment to moment in hopes of sparking a Mirror Cull (miracle) within us.

Regarding morality – every individual has a morality compass built-in, believe or not as this place enables all to free will

Brief Slice of Morality History

Moral in the 14c meant “right behavior or mannerly” immoral meant the opposite, amoral means neutral. All contain moral. Demoralize means to corrupt or undermine IE Sense of “lower the morale of, deprive of courage and confidence”

The moral of the statement(s) above is that a moral is “the practical lesson which anything is designed to teach,” c. 1500, from moral (adj.) and from French moral and Medieval Latin moralia.

Instrue, quid possis, animum, ne discere cesses.“ „Equip your mind with precepts, do not fail to learn,“ Catonis Disticha moralia III,1

In the Middle Ages the Moralia developed into a kind of manual for the clergy, describing the whole road a believer had to travel until he truly believed in God. The title Morialia in Job points to the explanation by Job in the Bible in which he gives form to the human side of the suffering and guilt of a believer. Job shows us how patience and passion are combined in faith in God.

Now what is the point?

Those guys in 1500 got to where they got. Same for Greeks and everyone between 1650 and today. Now we have all that they got to and all that we have observed. Now we can merge all that intel into a bigger and better batch of intel. Including a consensus or evolution on the morality/immorality.

We find ourselves in a world where everyone has created an independent environment around themselves s and the grouped they belong to. All of us having different motivations and identifiers for what is right and what is wrong. This separation of consensus or missing union of consensus creates an environment where communication is little to none.

This is very good for concentrated self absorbed study of the world we find ourselves in. So, it must be the reason. If so, once we are fully studied, we will come out of our slots and all issues will be resolved, including why allowance for morality and immorality is okay.

We find ourselves very neatly organized into a slotted world where each person and their group has a safe and like minded slot world to identify with. This unfortunately causes our view to be amongst our group and less or non caring toward groups outside our group and those individuals that make up those groups.

2 Stories from the 1970s about Morality / Immorality

Greg Lake from the famous band of the 70s named Emerson, Lake & Palmer wrote a song when he was 12 in 1959 which he needed for his album, he and his mates were creating in 1970. It was their debut album and this accidental song became their biggest hit and one of the biggest hits of all time. It is called Lucky Man and was used in the movie called O Lucky Man.

Gregory Stuart Lake (10 November 1947 – 7 December 2016) was an English singer, songwriter, bassist, guitarist and record producer. He gained prominence as a founding member of the progressive rock bands King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP).

California Jam 1974 Singing Lucky Man Live


The Pigman Foretold in 1973 – 2019 Article


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