It is said communication is key. What are we unlocking?

It is said communication is key. What are we unlocking?

Identifying the Keys to Communication

Identifying the Keys to Communication

When we communicate, we open doors to each other, and go to deeper and more meaningful places or intimacy in the communication We look to open doors that are behind the easy to open doors. This is where the phrase ‘communication is key’ comes from.

What is it that we are unlocking?
We are unlocking the point of reverence inside each person that we are born with. It is the very small not see-able power source of every human being. We are all very involved in the world and physical and mind creations leaving most of us barely remembering where we came from. We are unlocking remembrance of where we originated and what is our purpose.

What is Our Common Purpose

We all have a deep sense of yearning to remember where we came from and we can see it every time we look at another person. We can see it (that remembrance of our origin) and we can hear it and every sense can detect it but somehow our senses are not strong enough to give us the validation we are looking for.

The reason this situation exists is because of the very long time that we as a group, humanity, have been exploring both the un-perishable and the perishable. We have explored the perishable for so long and so well that we can only remember where we came from by looking at or talking to another person. It is as if we were given the ultimate fail safe map to return home by looking and listening to another person. Life is grand.

Communication is Key

‘Communication is key’ is referring to the key needed to unlock the inner doors that are harder to open and require more understanding and thoughtful language in order to coax the other person to open their inner doors, so to speak. We all like to open our inner doors in front of other people because we truly want to share all that we have inside our heart. Our effort is to validate the person across from us and to be validated by them. This provides a punch-out in our redemption ticket, so to speak.

But the world teaches us to keep those areas protected, so we create the doors and the locks in front of them. We love to share our ideas and open our heart to like minded people with equally open hearts. We always find ways to do this. When both persons involved in communication open their inner doors together, both parties evolve and prevail.

When we practice this validation process enough we can take it to more difficult places to sooth and open other person’s hearts. Sometimes we care about someone enough that we notice their heart has extra doors around it and we might use communication to try to get them to open those doors.

What Should I Do Next?

First set a goal based on ‘most important to me list.’
Second apply yourself based on intention and not on the clock.

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