Enzymes, Dollars & Dollard

Enzymes, Dollars & Dollard

Enzymes, Dollars & Dollard spilling on the floor
7 things to choose from, where is the door

One is my essence and answers existence
Other makes a doll & halts expansiveness

Third one finds security in the space
Seeking decode of this Perfect Lace

Everything ends where we start
All quests resolve at the Heart

So where is the place to be
Everywhere we are, we are in ME

words in dictionary
Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com
white and red dandelion flower
Cell tower construction onto Humanity’s Human Cells – High Speed WiFi will connect your essence to the main grid and their managers. – Photo by Daniel Dan on Pexels.com

Pick one Mrs Sign-Field!


N Zymes Nature’s Energy Fields – the Soul and the Agitation


Capitalism Nationalism – Where does it Lead



https://magneticmagic.net/capitalism/ Search Capitalism on Magnetic Magic

Mr Dollard (end of Valley of Dolls)


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