Enzymes Life Catalyst – Solution for Perfect Health

Enzymes Life Catalyst – Solution for Perfect Health

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What is an angstrom

It’s symbol is Å, a letter of the Swedish alphabet. The unit is named after the Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström. “…arrangement of atoms in crystals, wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation…”

(* Anders!, which is it? an arrangement of atoms, a series of crystals? or a measurement of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation? I have 50 that says it’s a detection of frequencies / radiation, ha!)

What is an enzyme

Enzymes are known to catalyze more than 5,000 biochemical reaction types. Other biocatalysts are catalytic RNA molecules, called ribozymes. Enzymes’ specificity comes from their unique three-dimensional structures.

what is a biological catalyst?

biological catalyst is an enzyme. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions inside cells.

Also, what protein acts as a biological catalyst? Enzymes are proteins functioning as catalysts that speed up reactions by lowering the activation energy. A simple and succinct definition of an enzyme is that it is a biological catalyst that accelerates a chemical reaction without altering its equilibrium.

Also, what are 4 examples of biological enzymes?

Some examples of biological enzymes are:

  • Hexokinase (converts glucose to glucose-6-phosphate).
  • Pepsin and Trypsin, which are present in your stomach and they break down the proteins present in the food.
  • Amylase is present in the saliva.

What is the difference between a catalyst and a biological catalyst?

Catalyst vs. Enzyme. The difference between catalysts and enzymes is that enzymes are largely organic in nature and are bio-catalysts, while non-enzymatic catalysts can be inorganic compounds. Neither catalysts nor enzymes are consumed in the reactions they catalyze.

(*They may be the same thing as they both do the same exact job. They are the mediators between vitamins and minerals and other nutrients trying to assimilate in the blood stream. They provide the handshake TOS agreements and they also provide the agitation known as radiation. Without enzymes all function of the body ceases. The body creates enzymes as its needed and they are ingested in raw foods.)

From a 1970 interview with Dr Edward Howell born 1898 died 1988 – a nutrition expert especially familiar with 100’s of studies including his own on the function and origin of enzymes in plants and animals:

HEALTHVIEW:  What are enzymes?

HOWELL:  Enzymes are substances which make life possible.  They are needed for every chemical reaction that occurs in our body.  Without enzymes, no activity at all would take place.  Neither vitamins, minerals, or hormones can do any work – without enzymes.

Are enzymes then just like chemical catalysts which speed up various reactions?

HOWELL:  No.  Enzymes are much more than catalysts.

          Catalysts are only inert substances.  They possess none of the life energy we find in enzymes.  For instance, enzymes give off a kind of radiation when they work.  This is not true of catalysts.

          In addition, although enzymes contain proteins – and some contain vitamins – the activity factor in enzymes has never been synthesized.”

Note the phrase above – “activity factor” – not so slick overlooking of the main feature of Life

More from interview:

” Moreover, there is no combination of proteins or any combination of amino acids or any other substance which will give enzyme activity.  There are proteins present in enzymes.  However, they serve only as carriers of the enzyme activity factors.

          Therefore, we can say that enzymes consist of protein carriers charged with energy factors just as a battery consists of metallic plates charged with electrical energy.

HEALTHVIEW:  Where do the enzymes in our bodies come from?

HOWELL:  It seems that we inherit a certain enzyme potential at birth.

          This limited supply of activity factors or life force must last us a lifetime.  It’s just as if you inherited a certain amount of money.  If the movement is all one way – all spending and no income – you will run out of money.

          Likewise, the faster you use up your supply of enzyme activity, the quicker you will run out.  Experiments at various universities have shown that, regardless of the species, the faster the metabolic rate, the shorter the lifespan.          Other things being equal, you live as long as your body has enzyme activity factors to make enzymes from.  When it gets to the point that you can’t make certain enzymes, then your life ends.

“Whenever a food is boiled at 212 degrees, the enzymes in it are 100% destroyed.”

HEALTHVIEW:  How serious is this strain on our enzyme “bank” caused by diets of mostly cooked food?

HOWELL:  I believe it’s one of the paramount causes of premature aging and early death.  I also believe it’s the underlying cause of almost all degenerative disease. To begin with, if the body is overburdened to supply many enzymes to the saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice and intestinal juice, then it must curtail the production of enzymes for other purposes.

  • If this occurs, then how can the body also make enough enzymes to run the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, muscles and other organs and tissues?
  • This “stealing” of enzymes from other parts of the body to service the digestive tract sets up a competition for enzymes among the various organ systems and tissues of the body.
  • The resulting metabolic dislocations may be the direct cause of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic incurable diseases.
  • This state of enzyme deficiency stress exists in the majority of persons on the civilized, enzyme-free diet.”

“During fasting, the body’s enzymes are free to work on repairing and removing diseased tissues.”

HEALTHVIEW:  How do you know that people would benefit from additional enzyme intake?

HOWELL:  To me, the most impressive evidence that people need enzymes is what occurs as a result of therapeutic fasting.  As you know, I spent some years in a sanitarium working with patients on various fasting programs.

When a person fasts, there is an immediate halt to the production of digestive enzymes.  The enzymes in saliva, gastric juice and pancreatic juice dwindle and become scarce.  During fasting, the body’s enzymes are free to work on repairing and removing diseased tissues.

Civilized people eat such large quantities of cooked foods that their enzyme systems are kept busy digesting food.  As a result, the body lacks the enzymes needed to maintain the tissues in good health.

Most people who fast go through what is called a healing crisis.  The patients may feel nausea, vomiting and dizziness.  What’s happening is that the enzymes are working to change the unhealthy structure of the body.  The enzymes attack pathological tissues and break down undigested and unprocessed substances; and these then get thrown off through the bowels, through vomiting, or via the skin.”

Full online interview here. Read pdf or download below.

I think the spontaneous evolution aspect of ‘DNA’ / Magical Fields / Aether / Human Condition / Torus Fields / Chi / Prana / Nature is easily observable and confidence can be 100% that Nature will always mirror the before, the now and what to do next – every time.

Our mission is to learn all there is to know about the perishable, the un-perishable and how to love all lives as our own – the goal.
Get your ticket punched and head to the redemption desk.

Kevin and Nina Dec 2021

All Upgrades are Ready for Download

It has been written by many mystics, our ancestors and even our descendants, that we are in a time of entering a new age and a new age of developments. We can see in our past there was a golden age, a bronze age and here we are in the iron age.

All of us regular soul carriers on the surface are watching the masters and controllers of the outgoing iron age wrap up their time here. The knowledge above will teach you how to teach yourself what to eat, when to eat and why. What goes in your mouth is equally important to what comes out of your mouth.

All are actions are based from our mental body or our emotional body or if we are upgraded, we recognize both bodies and choose the best from both. When you quiet your body, it includes a quieting of the mental and emotional state. This leads to a quiet in your thinking and will bring you the peace and clarity to answer any question or solve any query.

Your true nature awaits you and nature is showing you at all times what to do next, where you at now and how and why you got here.

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