Release Papers 4 Patrons of Yobodo Ropodo Humanadough Ranch

Release Papers 4 Patrons of Yobodo Ropodo Humanadough Ranch

Language and words are the cars and highways of your communal existence.

80% of success in anything is showing up in your mind and later showing up somewhere physically. Same code for everyone. 80x10x10

Have this blog as a read along or podcast below:

Quick Math Match-Up Challenge:

Come back later if needed. SQ (status quo) 18+16=34/7 or 3×4=12/3 and 7/7=14 or 1 to 4, 1x2x3x4=24/6 and 33=6 or 3×3=9 and 6+9 = 15 (one side adds it up, other side multiplies)

or 1x2x3x4x5=120 but 6×9 = 54/9 and 6x7x8x9=3024/9 Status Quo SQ
(S and Q are 18 and 16 when imposter removed – “J” hook)

When 6 meets 9 it completes the cycle of never ending 8 ball track of lovE-Evol
A cycle you can stay on until you are done with it. Many more games await you!

Status Quo means – S life (death-rebirth) Q (questioning)This religion site will show you how great and horrible you are cursed to a sinful life of endless (with confusion) seeking of salvation from a stupid arrangement Proof: S

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Language / Words are cars & highways of your Communal Existence. And determine your flow

Fun to see words dissolve and parse in front of my nose. Most success in word / language decoding happens when you are facing it. And realize you and we invented this fail safe map that need not be carried or safe guarded. The language (langUage literally is telling you:)

Language is U(you) LAN GAGE think LanUgage

Language and words are the cars and highways of your communal existence. Language is your Local Area Network Gage aka U Lane Gage or direction detector. What and the ‘way’ you listen, write, think and talk determines ALL your outcomes.

A simple and failsafe map you and I carry wherever we land – even in our thoughts, interpretations and calculations or deductions. This map is possessed by you at all times. This map is one of your most power weapons of defense, offense and mediation. Overlook this at your peril.

We have written a ton of articles/words on this overlooked principle and there are tons of books to reference and use for research but come here for the best (pattern resolved) analytics, tips and shortcuts.

80% of success in anything is showing up in your mind and later showing up somewhere physically. Same code for everyone. 80x10x10

80% show up and are present and accounted for. 10% lean to lack. 10% lead toward abundance. This is the code every time within the cycles of Earth and Humans in all endeavors whether it is an independent, solo, individual challenge or in a pairing or in a group. Always the same code for world followers. Followers of the worldly focus and resulting vibrational (and communal) patterns.

Once this cycle of vibrational pattern is observed carefully – you will se that is indeed a somewhat apparent perpetual cycle that re-invents and regrows itself spontaneously across all Life forms and the Earth and Sun also. The vibrational field we all share is in observation – in constant flux and ALWAYS spontaneously evolving and adapting to:

Man’s Will

Man’s Will means this: You have Free Will. Free Will means choices. Choices carry consequences and developments. Because of the magical nature of Earth’s energetic fields, the Earth itself and all of it’s lifeforms become a mirror to Human Beings. It is another failsafe map stronger than the language.

We are all the peak of exaltedness, walking as very experienced Children, walking together through the Magical Fields of Earth where our field(s) exactly match the natural field(s) around us. Our manifestation abilities via thought, emotion and action are very, very, very well documented.

The Earth, Nature and all Lifeforms in our view are an exact mirror of our current position and will always detail exactly what to do next. Built in false safes to route yourself to divine treasure and your true Nature and potential which –

Exist Everywhere you Turn Thought or Sight

All answers and treasures of your birthright exist now within your body and sight. We have three bodies. Physical, Non-Physical or Energetic Body and a Spiritual Direct Connection that is completely unnamable, immeasurable and unknowable. It simply is, for now. Various guidance and friends to help you are available now. this will entitle you to 5 visits. If you want to re-enter discussion rooms after, please send request through any contact form, see below.

We all learned a valuable education at the Krono-ILLogical – Yobodo Ropodo Humanadough Ranch and became well versed in the requirements of the usurper. Each of us taking on the obligation of becoming a “usurper Jr” to the best of our ability. Amazing job! BRAVO!!! Let’s clean up and go to next level.

YRHR acronymically is for Yobodo Ropodo Humanadough Ranch but in caps it is YRHR which would drop the duplicates leaving Y(why) H (h is the eternity imposter, the 8 ball track trying to stand up)

The mystery (my story) lies outside of the fake yobodo eternity track and the base infinity track also. We as Humanity – the special ones as I like to say –
are essentially beyond beyond this schoolhouse called Earth.

Good job to all accepting and receiving their diplomas and redemption tickets fully punched.
Again, my sincere congratulations. You have traveled far and taken on the most challenging game of development ever considered in any Verse.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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