USA Kev vs Uganda John – Nationalism Answer to Sex, Money and Brown Skins

USA Kev vs Uganda John – Nationalism Answer to Sex, Money and Brown Skins

Who Owns Who

Your will determines your outcomes and the ownership of you. You are born owning yourself and it is your birthright – For Life. But, your parents, peers and institutions (CHopCHop UR in the middle) provide many mixed messages leaving a single individual “to figure it out for themselves!”

Who Owns Who

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Your will determines your outcomes and the ownership of you. You are born owning yourself and it is your birthright – For Life. But, your parents, peers and institutions (CHopCHop UR in the middle) provide many mixed messages leaving a single individual “to figure it out for themselves!”

This particular situation is pretty much agreed on and leaves us to scatter into myriads of groups, be it close family, a social group or and organization. This splitting into groups causes a less meaningful relationship And Caring of individuals that are not within ‘our group’. This attitude and habit of overlooking other peoples needs that are from other groups, not mine, causes a general effect of non caring across all groups or most groups.

After enough time of this kind of behavior, we naturally numb ourselves to the misery of others and direct our focus to the members of our groups. This again causes an overall general effect of non caring or even callousness toward the suffering of others not in our groups. This can clearly be seen in what has been coined as ‘Nationalism’. It means putting a border around yourself and a group. It means sealing yourself off from others needs and miseries. It means shielding yourself from your obligation to natural law.

Natural Law – Nature’s Law – Our Law

Natural law is only one law and there is non other. It is proven by science now that what was once called DNA is an energetic field of awesome complexity but without eyes and ears. This field exists in and around the earth all the heavenly bodies including the sun in and around all living things and exactly matching in format between human beings and earth itself as a complete realm or kingdom.

This field has been identified and analyzed and written about by scientists and other researchers since 2017, but the effects of it have been observed for millennia. We are at an excruciatingly narrow point in our evolution, we are all of our actions and outcomes and the reason for them are becoming as crystal clear as the air.

Meeting John Erubu from Uganda

We met John Erubu on Facebook in July of 2021. At the time he was just another kind, softhearted, well spoken, young black man from Africa with many needs and supporting many other people. His kindness and authenticity shined through so brightly that Nina and I could not resist being drawn to his personality and his authenticity.

Having the opportunity to be friends with a black man from a distance was also irresistible and although it was comfortable to start the relationship, I realized that becoming friends and having a meaningful relationship with this super beautiful human being would cause myself and those close to me to share many issues such as the ones stated above.

The black man versus white man issue is very strong and taboo in the world today as strong as sex and money.

The brown verses white issues provide an easy and always in your face explanation of what separating into nationalistic groups can lead to. The habit and life style of nationalism becomes so ingrained in our culture that everyone lives it and represents it for the vast majority. Again, this has a general effect across the energetic fields also known as Earth and Life.

The techniques we have developed for overlooking and renaming and re-blaming our brown verses white issues are the same techniques we use to deflect and misdirect issues around money and sex.

Sex, Money and Brown vs White

Think carefully about these three issues and face them quietly with me now as you the reader are not being looked at by anyone except yourself. The three big issues in our lives that we basically beat around the Bush on. The issue of money. The situations around sex. And the awful place we find ourselves between the mistreatment of white toward brown and brown toward white people.

The United states leads the world in many social behaviors and the promotion/ leadership of them, mainly driven by the writers of Hollywood scripts and contemporary songs. We the citizens and power groups of the United states and their directors have set into motion and into place the top memes of the world that we act on and the top memes of the world and our lives that we overlook.

A strange and confusing soup of connections and disconnections of focus and non focus of acknowledgement and dis-acknowledgement. We seem to have lost our way within a very small space or spot of focus. Leaving all previously known knowledge and outcomes of experience behind us and overlooked.

3 Issues

These three issues that are molded and promoted in large measure by United States citizens and our western (civilization culture) followers, are completely identified by us and defined by us and sorted and organized by us and all the ‘rules’ (the rules are determined by the group you are in) of what can be talked about. Including what must not be talked. Again, all determined by the constructs of the group we find ourselves in.

The three issues are money, sex and (they are not ‘BLACK’ – they are brown skinned) brown people / white people disparities. The actions we have taken or overlooked actions we should have done will exactly be matched to outcomes we will see in our personal lives and groups. It can happen and does in ‘slow motion’ if you are being validated by peers, school and institutions including media (which we can control if we DO NOT allow ourselves to be entrained by the entertained).

We lost most friends and money as friendship with John Erubu developed

Meeting John Erubu greatly enriched our personal lives while we learned what it was like to witness the poorest man in the world with the biggest and kindest heart. It took some time to come to that conclusion because we, me, have been dealing with the brown white issue as a thing for my entire life. I was bound and determined to take this relationship where ever nature would allow regardless of the debris of lost stigmas and acquaintances.

After a couple of months most of my white followers disappeared. It was later shown to me by a close friend that I had, in his words, “mixed genres”. I considered his words carefully because we had a very meaningful relationship. I though carefully about those two words and what the stickiness or sense of it is to most people. It did not seem to quit fit that mixing poor brown people with white rich people was a mixing of genres.

My bad, as my greatest flaw is I am an endless optimist and a hopeless romantic showing that even the most positive and hopeful person can find themselves overlooking potential pits and walls. My dear friend who mentioned the mixing of genres helped to spark another revelation that I was intensely seeking. The true meaning of the mixing of genres.

The Mixing of Genres vs Nationalism

It all boils down to nationalism. Nationalism amongst countries, states, counties, cities, towns, neighborhoods, zip codes, organizations, groups, families, individuals, races, genders, economic status, Title status, Position status and other means of labelling and separation to enforce and support nationalism and all its many forms and manifestations.

What I did when I mixed genres, by bringing a poor, kind hearted, brown man into my group, was provide a face-off to the benefits and detriments of nationalism. On a personal level I always loved all people as a child in the early 1960s and all the adults in my life where keeping their mouth shut about racism per JFK/LBJ policies where put into effect at the time. This shielded me from the horrific treatment and disparities between brown and white people in the USA> It also left me unprotected in many ways against the harm inflicted against brown people that was manifesting itself all around me, live.

So meeting John Erubu and developing a meaningful relationship with him costed me the loss of many of the “shields” that I previously had around my beinghood. This is what I wanted more than anything was to lose these shields between me and the natural energetic fields that are witnessed in all things. John Erubu and the meaningful relationship that I allowed for myself and the giving nature that I had to force on myself is allowing the grandest revelation available to a human being.

To see the disparities and face them honestly is an instant burden and relief. To see people with nothing and not eve a roof going hungry for days and still have hearts big enough to share their last bite of food or money. Is an experience that should not be missed.

Build That Wall!!!

The miserableness of the world and its potential are now in my face and in my mind and heart at all times. We send relief to John and his 15 family members when we can but we all see the economic pressures being pushed on each country at this time. Regarding John and his homelessness, (their home flooded away in July 2021) they raised enough money to build a foundation and they need a little more to build the walls.

They struggle for food everyday and they huddle together to sleep every night. Their story is repeated too many times to number across Africa and all continents. Many levels of disparity and despair exist across the have-nots and now today for the haves also. The equalizer of nature and its magical fields cannot be looked away from any longer.

Myself and many others have felt this call since the mid 90s to the late 2000s and we all feverishly been piecing the parts together and reorganizing all info available whether form 100000 dead prophet or 100,000 dead books made by men. We mixed these observations with the most important observations, the meaningful relationships with have with each other.

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