Our 122221 OS – What Are We – The Truth

Our 122221 OS – What Are We – The Truth

What a ride it has been. Everything so calculated that the last 12,000 years look like a replay. The ridiculousness and squashing of the human condition into 125 year segments is radical and ‘lab rat like’.

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How did it start, where is the A.

The First Torus to the End of Communism

What a ride it has been. Everything so calculated that the last 12,000 years look like a replay. The ridiculousness and squashing of the human condition into 125 year segments is radical and ‘lab rat like’.

Joy and pain is one thing but the current disparities are beyond criminal and beg for and explanation and a resolution. New information on the true natural human condition are coming as fast as the ridiculousness. An obvious game of chicken where either side are more than prepared to go all the way. This must have a grander purpose than confusion and despair. What say You?

Mr Gamble and Thrive – The Products Heir

From the Thrive website (founded in 2000s) http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_code

And: Here see how Foster Gamble has proven we are all containing many of these energetic fields or layers of and we all interact with the Earth/Nature fields in such as they and we mold our realities and outcomes together.

Together we gather!


What are we – the Truth

Science and Prophets

Lots of science, tons of scholars over last few hundred years including the Greeks and Egyptians and 100,000 dead mystics and prophets. All drawing the same conclusions and many stating we, Humanity, have been through many many eras and changes. And we can remember these things. And:

we are an assembly of all that has come before.

DNA has been a mystery to science forever until 2017 when modern instruments to detect energetic field matched the previously ‘known as’ DNA to actually be – through observation, detection and calculation – a complex layering of energetic fields that can manipulate and assemble and maintain form and function alongside an endless database.

(This helps us to understand what we are witnessing in epigenesis and all of Creation.)

Many Layers Forms and Function

All these colors and layers are energetic and not tied to worldly things except when suggested and the suggestion is embraced. All Humans have this field and we live within a matching field called Earth/Nature/Sun which responds to Free Will Consequence and Developments to basically mirror to us – the special ones – all we have assembled to date.


This was enough to set giggles into every living or dead mystic, prophet or romantic leyman. All our dreams of Man coming to terms with his own existence and knowing his true Purpose were now being espoused by Science no less. Not scholars or religions but science made a declaration in from of the general population.

Science is saying this, after many generations of cover up of lies and intentional overlooking of and downright usurpation of the most high unknowable creator of all. Nowadays even science has groups that espouse for the unknowable and some begrudgingly admit to a force “they have no tool to measure with”.

Science has always been Chicken Little

All the mystics and prophets were more than suspicious of science and scientists as they insist on deductive reasoning which has itself – deductive reasoning – been cut into many different names.

All leading to a host of ‘calculations’ based on theory to create theories. These theories, if no one protests long enough, are used to start additional theories and so on.

Apparently, science smoked itself straight and accidently told the world all about the magical Earth, Sun, Heavenly Bodies, Life Forms and Human Beings. We are all inextricably matching and independent magical energetic fields that assemble form and function and we direct and create at will.

The fields we are and live in are blend-able and modifiy-able in many ways depending on our choices, the consequences of our choices and the developments from that. How we started out is not known yet. But we do know where we are going. We will use the knowledge of these magical fields that we are and live with and within and learn the best behaviors and actions to match the best life possible energy that the magical field(s) have to offer.

DAN and these new fields discovered are known to be able to spontaneously evolve or ‘change’. This is a known fact. We all have or know stories of instant remission and other such miracles – which proves to us that ‘DNA’ – the magical energy fields – are most likely responsible for this.

The old adage – you get back what you put out. You get what you got. You reap what you sewn. And so on. So it is complete. And so are we. Shall we get on with cleaning up any messes and move on to our new found Self?

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Below is an explanation to why 1000 years are added to our calendar and evidence.


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