Are Earth and Humans One DNA Field

Are Earth and Humans One DNA Field

Human Auras and Cellular DNA – Auric DNA of Earth Lifeforms Heavens Sun Nature Are they micro/macro simulcasting?

Human Auras and Cellular DNA – Auric DNA of Earth Lifeforms Heavens Sun Nature Are they micro/macro simulcasting?

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Math is infinite yet we regular Humans focus on arithmetic and deductive reasonings exclusively.
The AI cist em’ operating above us is not gambling – it is calculated wagering with infinite counters ‘ready in place’ for infinite scenarios along many groups, individuals and infrastructures (and manger network)

Yet I claim it can be countered.

Here is the beginning of medical profession around 1800 to answer maladies of electromagnetic radiation. 1000’s of named diseaes and remedies for one malady – radiation sickness – tolerance has been built since 1800 naturally by the modern man while the weak were destroyed.

All the noise and multiple meanings for words and context makes communication difficult outside our groups turning us all into mini cult members and across different groups you member up different ways.

Each group of people use their own meanings for words and ideas.

Part can be translated to “P”erfect-ART

If I knew absolutely everything except Lack, Misery and Death – I would have to explore every aspect of it. That has to be why I am here.


We (Humanity) are simulcasting with the Sun, the Heavenly Bodies, the Earth, Nature, each Lifeform, each Other and every living cell. Our auric DNA fields are interchanging with each other while we play Life – a game of Free Will (choices) Consequence and Developments.

All controllable and moldable by each Human Being. Each Man or Women has grand influence over their outlook and all they come into contact with, up close or at a distance. Even people you ignore but should not ignore has a grand influence.

Thoughts are magnificent tools of the game and have dramatic effects. The voice on the other hand is 1000’s of times more influential even though it come second, after thought.

The Blood/Cell network is THE organ of the body
All routes to Peace and fearlessness start there.

The Heart door responds to cells at the door by opening it’s door. The blood cells get vortexed inside the Heart on their way through the AirWay for Oxygen/Air and onto another cycle through you. The Heart is not a pump – it is a vortex machine that responds to intelligent human cells knocking at it’s door.

Every new moment is a new development. All previous experiences are merged into the next moment. What was cannot be what is.

Where does the Friction Originate

Light – provides Dark

All before us came to know what they could know – up to that moment

The constant of our nature and Nature is flux – nonstop movement. The Life game is powered by unknown force. The players are us. Since we do not identify the power source, we must be hiding from ourselves that we are the power source.

The rules are always the same – regardless of the current development. Witnessed by observation.

Free Will
Development – including wholeness and separation, Abundance and Lack

“In essence we are in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.” from

AC electricity damages our connection to our built in DC Direct Connection, read the history of AC and all the made up names and businesses to address the malady of AC which is rad iation sickness.

Why do we Have Dirty Electricity

AC upholds money and Capitalism and all the other isms. The social structures are called democracy or socialist or iron rule. AC and Money are preced by Selection, the desire to promote the strong and destroy the weak. Is that OK with you?

Is the micro and macro Auric DNA fields simulcasting and developing, do we have control of it?


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