Zeus Capital – Jupiter Capitol

Zeus Capital – Jupiter Capitol
Jupiter Optimus Maximus

The name ‘Jupiter’ conjures up various images. The fifth planet from the sun, the most aggravating part of Holst’s Planets suite, and the chief of the Roman gods. He is Zeus, except in one major way. Jupiter was not only the god of the Romans but also the state and its empire…..

Jupiter Optimus Maximus

The name ‘Jupiter’ conjures up various images. The fifth planet from the sun, the most aggravating part of Holst’s Planets suite, and the chief of the Roman gods. He is Zeus, except in one major way. Jupiter was not only the god of the Romans but also the state and its empire.

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He was also the god of the sky, thunder and storms. (Electricity) Think Mayan/Oaxaca and Cocijo. Artists from Oaxaca are credited with revelation beast statue at un. (Unfindable on Net, Jacobo and Maria Angeles)

… the Roman state. Its transition to Empire meant…

The Capitolium was situated on the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of ancient Rome, and that has an officially uncertain etymology. However, it’s likely that the name comes from Latin caput, meaning “head”, because we know from an army commander’s speech that human skulls were found on top of the hill before the Romans built the temple. Caput would be from Proto-Indo-European kaput​, also “head”.

So along came a switch to love of selfishness and war – Mars
The cults that worshipped deified emperors surpassed Jupiter’s worship (Apel). The days of Jupiter were well over by the conversion to Christianity in the 4th century CE. (about 600 years ago)

Jupiter ruled as part of the Archaic Triad WITH Mars and Quirinus. Next, he headed the Capitoline Triad with Juno and Minerva. The Roman’s used Jupiter to justify their expansionist aims.

They believed Jupiter chose them to “rule the world” (Hejduk 2009: 281). However, Jupiter is often seen as impartial, concerned with justice and the law.

Sky Daddy:
Iuppiter. (Nicea added the “J”) -comes from ‘dyeu’, a Proto Indo-European word that means ‘sky’ or ‘day’, and the Greek/Latin word ‘pater’, meaning father (Apel). So his name essentially means ‘Sky Father’.
Or, IO Daddy. IO means many things acronymically but it’s main meaning today is In/Out or Duality or Death/Re-Birth as shown often to us in the form of the letter “S”

Also seen on your ‘power’ button on all your electrified devices (device means ‘of vice’)

“J” was added by Nicea and is an imposter to ‘fill’ the ‘space(s) of unknowing’ between the letters/symbols. And to monkey wrench any future language decoders. And to show the dominators business end of their fishing poles.

Jupiter and his sister-wife Juno parallel Zeus and Hera. Like Zeus, Jupiter was unfaithful to Juno. His children from his extramarital affairs included Mercury, Proserpine, and Minerva. We won’t delve into the myths here. But you can take many tales of Zeus from the zodiac origin myths and swap ‘Zeus’ for ‘Jupiter.

Zeus is portrayed as Sky Daddy’s Daddy. Jupiter is known for the Great Flood.

… Jupiter launched torrential flood from the sea and sky. He wanted to wipe out humanity, except Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha. (Duality and Fire)

They represent the ideal couple, so Jupiter allows them to live. He calms the waters so Deucalion and Pyrrha can reach Mt Parnassus. They seek the counsel of Themis, goddess of justice. Following her advice, they throw stones over their shoulders. These turn into humans, and thus humanity is reborn.

Jupiter’s links with the eagle meant the Romans understood his will through augury. Augurs watched birds to read omens in their flight. This is where we get ‘auspicious’ from. The flight patterns of eagles gave the most revealing prophecies.

Sacrifices were valued as worship toward Roman gods. Needed to persuade the gods to do anything for you.

“The Romans brought their supreme deity with them when they invaded Britain. After all, The Capitoline Triad also looked after the security and health of the Roman state. They weren’t only ‘personal’ gods (Henig 1995: 84).”

Dismiss Jupiter? Jupiter as a god is not well thought of due to so many of his myths involve his mistreatment of either women or his wife. Other gods like Fortuna are used in our conversations as Lady Luck. Pluto and Prosperine (or Hades and Persephone) have become an the poster couple for healing relationships. Even Aesculapius lives on, his snake-twined rod a recognizable symbol for medicine. Apollo lent his name to a space program. Yet not so for Jupiter. The thunder god most of us think of is actually the Nordic named Thor, not the Roman chief god.

Enough about Capitol. On to Capital.

Use of “capital” in trade and finance originated in Medieval economies when a common but expensive transaction involved trading heads of cattle.

Chattel, kith and kine (“all one’s possessions”), which also use the word “cow” to mean “property”.

Capital today means Money and wealth. The means to acquire goods and services, especially in a non-barter system.
Thereby capitalism has one goal, to destroy the weak.
One week and dollar at a time, with the aid of AC as a distraction to DC

Capitalism is a twisted game of ‘last man standing’ It is a death wish. It purges all until there is nothing left. A Purge tool. A lifestyle of the Ouroboros where pain, misery and constant death are the main features.

Hollywood and USA citizens have been promoting buying and selling death and widely distributed for 2 centuries. We in USA have led the marketing campaign that has led to the expulsion of the weak.

Now what?

The ‘Key’ is in the imagine below: Monkey means ‘My Key’

When Zeus the know it all (capital – idea of wealth/lack – a usurpation model) meets

Jupiter – who wants to know it all (capitol – idea of HQ driven seeking of wealth over lack)

Well, they end up attaching to the back of the head and become one person together named “J”Anus – the god of imagining things. You are here, between the “J” and the Anus.

These two figures must reconcile and start asking different questions or they will never find what they are looking for. Men and Women today mimic this arrangement as we both look at the world together but from opposing views.

The reconciliation is as easy as recognizing this. Usurpation of another will always lead to destruction or reconstruction of self.

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