Metropolis Decoded

Metropolis Decoded
Metr “O” – Metered O – Omikron Decode

Metro spells Metered “O” – “O” is considered Nature, endless, abundant and free. Metro puts a price on it and finds new and interesting ways to name it and ‘charge’ for it.

Metr “O” – Metered O – Omikron Decode

We love Silas Speaks and here is his latest research argument:

Metro spells Metered “O” – “O” is considered Nature, endless, abundant and free. Metro puts a price on it and finds new and interesting ways to name it and ‘charge’ for it. Metro sucks.

Much love Silas and beg your pardon as I was born in 1960 and witnessed as a child the beginning of the end times/digital id age. We are now in the end of the end times. Final goals of ptb toward complete usurpation of not only Man but Man’s designer and Creator. To me this has been self-evident since I became self-aware in 1963. Timestamp of your video is 28.21 = 13, same number of sephirot when empty space included.

When the ’11’ sephirot are added to a Man and Women you get 13 aka 616 in occult
(Note: Keter and Da’at are seen as unconscious and conscious manifestations of the same principle, conserving the 10 categories.)

Endless suffering

Endless suffering through bad behavior and disregard of each other FEEDS a false god/usurper. With the problem stated, we can get to work.

Or read on to further your decode knowledge. TV and smartphone are dark mirrors when off. AKA “scrying mirror” used in past times to summon demons. Their rituals took longer. We simply press a button and check the TV Guide.

1999 = 10 (ones and zeroes or binary/duality) the year of Omikron (the wandering Soul) video game for young men and women – mostly men.

Flotis – Plot Maker

About the game/place called Omikron:

Omikron is a massive city-state in which the people are ruled blindly by an ancient supercomputer and a communist dictator with an iron fist who carries out the computer’s orders. Little do the people of Omikron know that a demon lord from the last circle of Hell is the true power behind their land’s governance. The Nomad Soul, a foretold hero, enters Omikron through his computer and becomes trapped in this parallel realm. Desperate to escape back to his own world, and to help new-found friends fight the dark forces guiding Omikron, the Nomad Soul does what he must to liberate Omikron for ever.

—Flotis –

Flotis is the author. On his A-Z list of plot creations, Omikron is 19th. As in the 19th hole (ater party when golfing)

David Bowie – 1971, age 24 “Quicksand”

Regarding “Quicksand the song” the mortal with superman omikronic powers steps into quicksand – 1971 was a dream reality that preceded future more sophisticated and ‘organized’ or more fulfilled ‘dream reality’

Who imposes these realities. Is it not the mortal w super human powers.

Himler and Jabbalah Horrors are using the Man-God / God-Man natural urge to convince innocents that our ‘made up god of references’ is the creator of all things physical and non-physical. They lie to us as we demand that our ‘dream reality’ continue, despite circumstances or demise.

Usurpation of Infinity

Hitman Himler and YuckAberg carry the ‘bent by water infinity sign’ to show they know full well that usurping dream reality under the guise of God-Man advertisement is a fraudulent simulacrum and punishable (for them) by means beyond simple death.

The NAZI discovered the Black Hole Sun?

The black hole sun is shown/manifested in every power button of our devices. The ten emanations are detail on the last reset/reformation and does not describe the greater realms existing outside our ‘mini-universe’.

The grand utopia with digital id and false gods ends miserably and is not legitimate. Not a legitimate proposal. It is cover-up for other agendas. Completely false and unsustainable. Pie in sky.

Only invalids would believe it. It is a false proposal to cover for a much worse crime. It is a ‘test’ to see if you need to be broken or if you can self realize and self repair. The more you believe digital dystopia is a real proposal the sooner you will receive the manifestations of it.

These ‘tests and ‘Daniel’s days’ moments, days and eras have been non-stop throughout all lives if you have been living near a highway or wifi, in the modern eras of 1900 to today.

The Light/Dark Struggle

The reason the loyalists (PTB and agents) are so twisted is because they know better. They know innately better than to submit to “O Mi Kronos” who is nothing but a development from years/eras/millennia of bad behavior, creating mangers for it and made up scapegoats and hierarchy.

Thoughts of choosing between OR merging light and dark will create quicksand in your being until
You see the larger picture of Nature and Nature as bigger than you while residing Completely within you. A Perfect Balance of Nature in Balance and Balance in Nature. Yes, when messes happen Nature cleans them up, demonstrated in flux everywhere.

KronKron is nothing but an old tranny punk and has no power over self realized men. The bowies and handlers of bowies are inextricably linked to yobodo. Mr Boowee is a stupid and ignorant loyalist with a small mind.

From Rolling Stone back then: Boowee was 24 in 1971 aka born 19-FORTY SEVEN
“Bowie was something of a dilettante in the early 1970s, skittishly seizing concepts and ideas but often not fully understanding them. “Sometimes I don’t feel as if I’m a person at all,” he told Rolling Stone in a 1972. “I’m just a collection of other people’s ideas.””

Is There Time to Win?

We still have a choice and believe it or not, ‘the creeps’ are happy for you.
Center 4 Disease is interested in Homo Superior as much as the average American was in 1905. Eugenics and selection were a huge interest back then and the urge to select and euthanize has never left the mindset of Americans. It is almost an excuse for bad behavior.

Homo Superior – Mutants – X Men

Homo Superior – Mutants – X Men, these terms have been in the culture from before 1940 and are part of the Lexicon for the NAZI regimes.
“superhero creators (writer Otto Binder and artist Kurt Schaffenberger) contributed to an article in one of Fawcett’s magazines about what a world following an Atom War would look like and Binder used the term “homo superior” for that article (notable for its use in conjunction with the the term “mutants”)…”

March ELEVEN 11.3 or 3.11 is the third month of the third year. Three three three is a numb to watch.

Asteron (kronkron/yobodo) is hiding in the Mind and Heart of any live Human. Not hiding, he is in your face as he has nowhere else to hide.

The Number “8”

22 years and 22 days since the game was published. Adds to “8/H” which signifies false eternity, deductive reasoning and Mind. It cannot stand on it’s own. It is sandwiched between Lady Seven and Top fractal Number Nine. Absolutely no match.

Our attackers are demons but the word demon decodes to “Of” “Mine”, they are close, very close, within. The souls of our young people are right next to them. They are about to hand over all their power and sovereignty. And we will actively participate and enable it, despite our realizations.

The soul collectors are real and exist because we have allowed them to assemble and grow and they know very well the ‘struggle between light and dark’. They invented it! The only sales tool they will use from here out (pre-conditioning has yielded a 99% saturation of false software delivery).
The only tool they need for now on is to offer ‘avoidance of pain’ Period.
Most common denominator.

Can My Soul Be Taken?

Our soul cannot detach from us. Only our declaration of non-ownership and controller of it can be relinquished. The soul cannot be taken from you. You are simply ‘lending’ it to another. Very painful, regardless.

As long as we collaborate in selection, eugenics, murder, war, disregard, cruelty to animals – we will get more of the same but Nature will balance. There is nothing above Nature, not even Men.

Simulacrum – Fool me once shame on you ……

The simulacrum has been a ‘thing’ in my life since I opened my eyes in 1963. The simulacrum of community is one of the top techniques used. Why should we allow a small group of mental patients tell us what communal is and how to execute it. All writings and readings are riddles as they beg the user to decode what was thought and manifested. Riddles are perfect opportunity to introduce misdirection and manipulation from a parent to a child.

From Etymology sources: “The modern English word riddle shares its origin with the word read, both stemming from the Common Germanic verb *rēdaną, which meant ‘to interpret, guess'”

Our powers are infinitely beyond light/dark and this Whirled. Ask a different question!

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