Addiction 2 Whirled

Addiction 2 Whirled

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“I can get them to accept the concept in heart and by the next day the Mind has taken over again – very challenging and evolving to see my patience in effect and growing.

Addiction is tough – intervention is tougher as leaving a mess behind makes for a harder mess to clean up. Intervention-ers are cleaning up after failing at relationships and – Caring

As an activist, for every stupid and addictive or mundane act of my life – I get to re-live it while attending to the injured.”


What Origins to the Myriad of Addictions

  • Mundaneness
  • Laziness
  • Sitting aka Not Moving/Exercising
  • Staying up Late using Screens – Avoiding Proper Rest
  • Fast Eating – Avoiding Whole and Raw Foods
  • Fast Drinking – Avoiding Correct Water

Simple changes to above cause quiet to enter your body so all the chop chop and jagged pulsing waves of the above can allow you to connect with your quieter self. Your quieter self is quite active and has zillions of data’s to share with you and make available to your will.

Most can ignore me as they have a myriad of other ‘teachers’ – influencers – peers to lean on. Although my intent is to show you where inside to focus your ear and attention to receive relief, repair and answers. Addiction invariably leads to- numb and dumb and dead.

… such is Nature in Balance – Perfection – you always get what you got …

Trauma 1st – Addiction 2nd

You can be in trauma and believe you are not. All addiction is preceded by trauma. You are not being told this as all of us addict/trauma sufferers are being led by folks who are exploiting our affliction and harvesting our production. And maintaining trauma and addiction.

Why would they tell you?

As the song says, we are all comfortably numb. We have been numbed from birth and the numbing is upheld by parents, peers and institutions/ Wherever you turn there is only another trauma / addiction sufferer. Here on Earth today, personal realization must be traversed through many layers of trauma, addiction and false foundational beliefs and identities.

A maze of layers and pre-conditioned responses to almost any question. Since the writers see that, we understand the challenge for a Man or Woman who are hearing an authentic authorship call in the open Heart they are practicing with. When these quiet ‘calls’ come into a Man or Woman and they are in a quiet space, they can disseminate the noise from subtlety and make better choices.

Is Treasure under Addiction

Without trauma and addiction – we are far to close to the truth to have it accessible or un-veiled. Our Man Agers are far too shrewd for that. We are walking with all knowledge and answers built-in. Made to order, naturally. Your birthright. Your treasure. Your experience to author and create.

Without trauma and addiction mixed with false beliefs, we would have total access to all the wonders, mysteries and excitement of being a co-creator within Earth.

No wonder it is so important to the criminals harvesting our production to maintain our trauma and addiction.

I chose to relieve myself of addiction and trauma and then the subtleties entered my mind and Heart.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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