Moebius – Van Allen – Moon Phases – Parker Spiral Synodic/Sidereal Rotation – 369

Moebius – Van Allen – Moon Phases – Parker Spiral Synodic/Sidereal Rotation – 369

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Flying machines using the Balance of Nature described in detail. Found in 1875 and dated to 1,400 to 2,400 years ago. Accepted widely as a proper technical document.

Ancient Flyers to Heaven

In 1875, in one of the ancient Indian temples, a treatise was discovered called Vimanika Shastra, written in the Brahmanical language, Sanskrit.

It was not its age (it was written 2,400 years ago) that made this document famous, but its content. The author of the manuscript described the types of flying machines and their construction.

At the end of the 19th century, this book was considered mythological because aviation was still in its infancy. But modern scientists, having studied “Vimanika Shastra” unequivocally declared that it is competently written technical work. The names of some of the metals and liquids needed to lift flying machines still defy translation.

The famous maps of 1400s and on were made from airborne cartographers. They did not walk it.

An interesting video to unravel the last few hundred years of air travel and formerly accepted sciences that are now covered with false science designed to hold your evolution and harvest everything that can be harvested from you.

The Analemma Dilemma in the sky

Video Below of Analemma Dilemma vs Anahata Regatta

13 Constellations in the Sky×1024.jpg

Moon phases:

– New moon sits in same constellation w Sun – 0 degrees

1st quarter moon moves 3 1/4 average constellations to the left on astrology / constellation wheel
3.25 is 10 or 1

2nd quarter moon moves 6 1/2 average constellations to the left (Full Moon)
— 6.5 average movement is numeralogically 11 or when the two poles of rotation are formed in the synodic and sidereal rotations of the Sun/Moon.
6.5 is also 2

3rd quarter moon moves 9 3/4 average constellations to the left
9.75 is 21 or 3
Back to conclusion or new moon again

3 6 9

The ‘left path’ sees the synodic and sidereal relationship and balance in all things and all things as Nature. Your observation of that puts you on the left path of Nature

See below for Sun Daylight Explanation

Moebius – Parker Spiral – Synodic vs Sidereal Rotation

Moon is synodic or the bender/influencer/agitator/woman
Sun is straight line or the Real Side sidereal

On our Earthly surface, Woman plays a ‘straight line constant’ or Home while Man plays agitator but truth is opposite as displayed, demonstrated, observed and testified to by the sky and it’s bodies. Also in Nature.

We are the witnesses. And the participators and collaborators in all developments occurring for us and for the Earth/Sky/Bodies and all forms of Plasma everywhere.

The Sun power and sustains all life and all heavenly bodies. The director of the Sun is observable through results but mysterious to most.

The Sun is a design of movement through Plasma fields (the sky and the gases) with an impetus that keeps it and the moon and the stars in a a continuous cycle all responding to the Sun and it’s impetus.

Identical to the way the Heart operates inside a Man or Woman.

Or does the synodic effect of the Moon affect all movements of the Sun? Indeed – Man moves from the agitation the Woman provides ….

Another View of “The Realms” – Cosmic Egg

The Moebius is the Van Allen?

In the lab where they can combine materials and conditions to simulate a Moebius Strip they found:

The Mobius phenomenon actually was complied with the theory that “higher-order”…

(note, the open endedness here is common in sigh ants as the mystery is more comfortable left misty)

… Möbius strips were elastically unstable and featured self-contacted writhed loop structures

“In general, B-Möbius ribbons can be reshaped into two different helically writhed loops: a heart-shaped loop and a figure-eight loop, depending on the ribbon length/width ratio.”

Interesting, eh?

The only vowel missing in Moebius is “A”, ahhhhh

moebius could say Moe(more) “B”(be) Us — Us Be More and “B” can mean Man’s World so moebius can give us more of that too.

Actions Lead to Outcomes in Stargame

Our actions are directly reflected around us within people and Nature.

After many eras of bad behavior building on itself, we see the development of focus on insidiousness and darkness as experienced by beings who also can and do focus on light and have extreme manifestation powers offered thru their ability with the Creation/Earth, a creation Stargame of free will/choice and consequence which leads to developments of individuals and groups.

One thing builds on another amongst many individuals, groups, eras and the favored players – the Eartm, it’s life forms, the stars and the heavenly bodies.

After many eras we have completed all knowledge of contrasting dark vs light, birth vs death and joy vs pain.

We have all become favored players. Please go to the redemption desk to trade in your token. If you do not see your token ask your nearest token guide for assistance.

The Stars are Inside Your Brain Also

2.2 lbs and .44 lbd (2.64 lbs =21 or 3) is equivalent to 1.2 kg avg weight of a human brain, a soft mush of tissue holding at least 80 billion stars or aka neurons.

These stars in our brains are many things and functions including a direct connection to stars in sky allowing them to play with us and us to play with them. A grand sharing and learning experience of balance and extremes to realize developments, knowledge and understanding.

The Sun, stars and moon live within all people. Our Heart is our power and our Personal Sun.

80 billion neuron stars make up the heavenly bodies that live in your brain.

Image showing real neurons from the human brain. They have been filled with a fluorescent dye and viewed through a microscope. The width across an average neuron is the same as the width across the tip of a ball point pen. The anatomy of a neuron includes the cell body (soma), dendrites and axon (yellow arrows). At the end of the axon is the terminal, which makes a connection with another neuron. The area of connection is called the synapse. An electrical impulse travels down the axon toward the terminal (red arrows). (Adapted from the American Society for Neuroscience).

“The study of perception, learning, memory and recall are converging to unite the emerging brain science of learning with the field of cybernetics and to bridge the gap between the mechanistic models of brain function with the knowledge of us as being a lot more than just our brains. Human beings cannot be defined by their physical body or brain alone – just as electricity cannot be defined by the nerves through which it travels.

Brains Nature You Flux Balance

The human brain is in fact, a system in constant flux. This distinction between the brain and the mind – that man is not a machine but has and uses a machine – the brain – is critical in understanding how we as humans learn and evolve. Recent research shows that different circuits are called upon in the brain for different activities such as math, music and reading.

In addition, learning and practicing particular skills can cause corresponding areas in the brain to grow or change by adding a tiny fraction of the brain’s neural circuitry and eliminating old ones. This finding is of particular interest to cybernetics which questions as to how psychological/cognitive functions are produced by brain circuits.

This paper contributes to this dialogue by summarizing what we already know about the learning process in the brain and suggests how systems of communication and control operate in the brain during deep learning as for example during problem based learning.”

William Thomas O’Connor
University of Limerick | UL · School of Medicine
B.Sc, Ph.D.
Foundation Chair, Head of Teaching and Research in Physiology. University of Limerick School of Medicine. Ireland.

From WTO, this brain image features the “6” in the center of brain trying to Striatum itself out!

“Different brain areas and systems mediate distinct forms of memory. The hippocampus, parahippocampal region, and areas of the cerebral cortex (including prefrontal cortex) compose a system that supports declarative (dogmas self-imposed), or cognitive (intuition to realize harmony or dissonance), memory (brain cells). Different forms of nondeclarative, or behavioural, memory are supported by the amygdala, striatum, and cerebellum. (Adapted from the American Society for Neuroscience).”

Bold areas are our translation.

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