Analemma Dilemma vs Anahata Regatta

Analemma Dilemma vs Anahata Regatta

Will we allow for an answer to the Analemma Dilemma. Shall we go back to a previous agreement perhaps to the Ana Hata?

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Video Text from Above (Read along!)

Unit! unit, we all knit things. We all are a weave and we weave together. I knit, she knits, we all knit as a unit. And we are all individually a unit.a unit.

The eye of the tiger is relentless.

Will we allow for an answer to the Analemma Dilemma. Shall we go back to a previous agreement perhaps to the Ana Hata?

If the people and world around me are cycling outwards to infinity — should I follow, have I a choice – is cycling inward an option. Can I get off the cycle.

What of these cycles of Earth.
What of these cycles of ME
What of these cycles of Humanity

Am I —- both sides of the same coin – Are each of us carrying the complete codes to opposite forces.

To be or not to be. An interesting question. An interesting set of words. All words have meanings, color and influence.

What is it to be. What is it to not be. Being allows harmony in life and relationships.
Not being allows disharmony in relationships.

We, the world citizenry are feeling the outcome of Hollywood, Hollywood came from freemasons, Freemasonry comes from Egypt, Egypt comes from Sanskrit, Sanskrit comes from Atlantis and erased timelines before that.

Sanskrit comes from the Vedic word saṁskṛta, literally, perfected, from sam meaning together + karoti meaning Source of All makes

Can also mean sans (without) krit (males or separation)

Caesar said – for those who are about to die, we salute you!

what colors are we on the inside? Inside we are all the same mix of colors in different proportions.

Many many colors and grades of colors and brightness and influence.

But fundamentally we are three colors – red from the belly button down, green from within and around the Heart and blue in the brain and mind

Our thinking determines the influence each color has in our lives.

Anahata is the 4th energy center in ancient Vedic cosmology
It is the Heart, Ana means Source of All and Hata means Heart

Ana means Source of All, Lemma means Lamb Analemma and Anahata are very similar words.

the analemma in the sky shows the path of the Sun in our sky – the analemma in the sky shows the passing of the seasons. The analemma shows the passing of time.

the analemma is our dilemma – what is the answer
the solution is within the problem

the sol ution is within the pro blemish

the more we are pro death via pain – the more death via pain we get

Everything is what it appears to be. Nature always provides our requests.

the more we are pro life, for life via regarding each other – the more life and regarding we get and vice versa

Anahata spells AH or Ahh, Ana Lemma spells AL or Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwlwuh
cycles my psyche is getting culled

(216): MARK
Ah is recognition. Ow is pain.

Anahata means “sound produced without touching two parts” and at the same time it means “pure” or “clean, stainless”.

the name means the possibility of confronting opposing forces without them touching or destroying. The effect od parity or perfection.

The Blue mental beauty and complexity of my analytical arrangements.

The endless notions and emotions to explore everything. The locked and the lock-less. We create the clocks, the seasons and our birth.

The complexity of a Human Being and Creation is not possible by random and insignificant actions. It is unly possible through deliberate action.

We could not be this complex unless we were eternal beings. The complexity of our manifesting abilities, our amazing bodies and equally incredible minds and imaginations. Plus our emotions, relationships and self evident connection to all of nature.

Our spirals are perfect and go forever and end nowhere.

Every spiral becomes a fractal and every fractal becomes a spiral.

We would not and could not experience pain or death knowing we are eternal.
Creation in any direction.

We use our expansive minds to create the conditions required to experience pain, including losing knowledge and having distractions to hold our attentions.

Coming to realize this answers the question to be or not to be
To be I would allow my eternalness. To not be I would embrace the mind, pain and death.

The easiest way to see or observe this is in the Male/Female (or Rational / Emotional) dynamic which is represented in All things. One energy is always constant or home. The other is always active or away.

Stay tuned for the next episode to see why these two energies that are present everywhere, are seemingly separated forever but how they can be seen as harmonious and used for good. We will explore the solution to be or not to be.

Why is the Analemma Important

The big book of books is called the BuyBull because it has bull to buy in it. Same goes for Wikipedia and the same goes for every historical text or every fiction text, song or story ever told. The truth and the lies sit right next to each other in every one of them.

The analemma can be seen by aiming a camera at the sun’s path and leaving it there all year and marking the point the sun is at at noon or solar noon every day. This will make a diagram in the sky that looks like a Figure 8. When the sun path is healthy the two sides of the figure 8th will be even proportionately.

As has been written in hundreds of texts the sun and the heavenly bodies along with the earth itself are together a combined nature with all of the lifeforms within it. Everything is macro and micro at once with each action of the micro affecting the macro and vice versa.

Man has the most manifestation powers of any life form within Earth thereby has the most influence on the nature of earth and the heavenly bodies of any of the life forms.

Our nature will always be mirrored in the Earth the life forms within it and the heavenly bodies. The Earth around us and the heavenly bodies guide us and also mirror our efforts, successes and evolution.

When do Analemma Dilemmas Complete

When the Earth and the heavenly bodies feel the lifeforms within it are acting in an antagonistic manner then we will see a reaction “in kind” and it will be mirrored in Earth, the sun and the heavenly bodies itself. All actions have reactions and cause developments.

All Humans together are the most powerful and exalted of any life form available to visit Earth. We have 100% control of this environment. There is only one rule we play by.

Free will and consequence. You always get what you begot. Reap what you sew. Have successful dinner parties in proportion to planning and care to detail. Get a favor when you give a favor. Get a smile when you give a smile. You will always receive the regard an exact measure to the record you gave. You will always be considered by the amount of consideration you gave. You always walk the easy road when you help others walk the easy route. You always get what you want when you help others get what they want.

Nothing within earth ever stops moving whether it is labeled alive or dead. Stagnation is only a label for what is observed but its definition is not valid as there is nothing in Life within Earth that can stop moving. Everything is always on the move. Science has proven over and again that all things have vibrational frequencies emanating from them. Everything is alive, all the time.

There is only one rule and humans are in charge of it. Free will and consequence. Anything is free to think, feel and do. You are optioned to attempt any harm or help to yourself or others.

Every movement of a human causes consequence toward betterment or detriment. So nothing is free. One choice pays you, the other you pay.

This beautiful rule mixed with the magical body/gamescape or Being named Earth and the exalted players of the earth game named humans causes developments to occur and accumulations and more developments.

Free Will – Consequence – Developments – 4 Earth – and Humans

The entire experience of Earth, Humans and Density/Destiny started out as an idea. A very complex idea and argument with a very simple premise. At the starting point, the Earth game would always become a place of developments. Everything may be explored and understood here from Golden Age life to Iron Age life.

One could see that the best of Density/Destiny and the worst of Density/Destiny would become fully understood at some point of the exploration.

Newsflash: Everything is anew under the Sun. Everything is a development.

Back to the Dilemma

The analemma dilemma is written about all over the Bible books and all over Wikipedia and all over the ancient texts. It describes signs in the sky to determine an upcoming casualty to the surface dwellers / life forms on earth. It is known to be an act or a grand act of nature “to balance itself”.

Through interpretations of signs in the sky, astrology, astronomy, historical texts and many other observations, regular people can keep up to date. Researchers and historians have determined that the earth balances itself on a sort of timer or causal reaction clock or measurement which results in a worldwide catastrophic civilization and infrastructure failure for a period while the earth basically does the laundry.

The names for these balancing events are many. There are as many names for the nature balancing act as there are researchers currently and previously in recent times writing about. The names given are earth reset, civilization ending events, reset, plasma apocalypse, EMPCOE, electromagnetic plasma changeover event and many others. There are currently about 10 you tuber/ video loggers currently publishing their findings and predictions. We have downloaded all youtubes and websites and studied all of what we consider relevant.

We stopped harvesting data about 60 days ago after non-stop research from 2009 until today and are now heading for a cure and response to our friends, family and any in the world citizenry who are questioning, seeking, suffering and in need of relief and knowledge.

The Plasma Apocalypse World Reset is on Wiki

All info being published is being interpreted by the creators/vloggers are from text freely available from Wikipedia, the Bible, other cosmological texts, ancient texts and books. The most up-to-date findings are showing a grand solar minimum period of the Sun, on the move since 1990 causing increasing solar radiation to the surface. Hidden from public.

This reveals one of the main functions of the spraying in the skies. To save the life forms and the crops. Although there are many materials being put in the spray under many different agendas, the primary one is maintaining life.

The additional radiation explains the increase in sicknesses and the ‘powers’ need to have a story to mix with it. Also for mass casualty management. Also for deviant objectives.

The Sun held in azimuth position for over 10 days at summer solstice. Not reported anywhere. The news outlets are now preparing the public for a 10 day hold on Sun azimuth position during Xmas. Throughout our lifetimes, this hold on azimuth has only been from Dec 21 to Dec 25. Every year for centuries, until this year. Everyone I have asked is not concerned.

Although you would think this info would have my door breaking down with fans and seekers, we have less than 2 hands worth of followers after 8 months of posting. This publisher – is invisible for now. We have had 2 donations in 8 months and have spent every dollar we ever made. We have become beggars and are happy to be labeled as such.

Google Ads and all press release services have banned us. Can you imagine? We are careful with youtube and have many podcast links for those who need that. Our content has been viewed by 150,000 viewers. Majority run, a few stay and fight, none are amenable to message. We need like Hearted people to figure this out. I personally have been chased from 6 enlightenment or info sharing discussion groups in 6 months. The usual accusation is Nin and I are dirty truth selling scammers. Or “nothing you say makes any sense”.

Little do they realize they are responding by memes carefully planted in their skull and Heart to react just that way when an authentic message is being heard. A development of our world and it’s people.

When does the sky fall

If you follow the latest dating models, we are headed for climate change, mass displacement of cities, natural disasters and agendas of crime from the criminals. Per the most up to date researchers and documenters, the dates of the Sun dilemma are 2030, 2040 and 2046. None of the researchers/vloggers or Wiki contributors have talked about extended hold times on Sun azimuth during this year’s solstices (plus many moon path deviations) since I last checked.

Neither the Sun movements or the Moon have concerned or been mentioned by any of the researchers or publishers. The Man Agers are installing their agendas ahead of these events. The ‘powers’ have always known and Wiki. And the storytellers and educators.

I call this, the Analemma Dilemma. Next, the cure, the Anahata Regatta.

Anahata Regatta

Anahata – The Anāhata Chakra is one of the most beautiful and richest Chakras, and invites us to dwell longer in its inexhaustible treasures of delightful feelings and experiences. It is located in the region of the heart, in the center of the chest, and this is why it is also known as the Heart Centre. And it is not without reason that the heart is regarded as the symbol of love, for the Anāhata Chakra is the seat of love.
Etymological meaning of Anahata is traced as imperishable. Ahata is the one which is perishable and na-hata; anahata, not destroyable.

Regatta from Italian (Venetian dialect) regatta, literally “contention for mastery,” from rigattare “to compete, haggle, sell at retail,”

In a world full of hate and misery that buys and sells only hate and misery where are the doorways, openings or points of weakness in the shield of trauma and addiction we see in most today? Where is the answer to the boatloads of toxins, black goo graphene and parasites thriving in our bloodstreams and stealing the minds of the world citizenry.

It can only be the Green light emanating from the Heart / Anahata. One individual through kind acts heals themselves and others. Their actions in front of others causes that same Green light to enter their body and allow them to heal and ‘come to their senses’. It is a win win scenario.

It only takes a single person doing acts of kindness. Simply quietly spending time with someone you love and letting them talk uninterrupted will cause this Green light sharing to happen. The more you turn up your Green light through positive and kind acts, the more effective your actions will develop in to.

Once the first group of wisdom warriors is formed and we are practicing the Anahata lifestyle authentically and daily – we will be unstoppable in our effect and ability to drive more groups like ours to start up and spread. One thing building on another. Let us determine the developments and outcomes we desire.

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