911, Liberty, Discomfort Desk, Chiasma

911, Liberty, Discomfort Desk, Chiasma

chi (n.)22nd letter of the Greek alphabet, representing a -kh- sound (see ch). The letter is shaped like an X, and so the Greek letter name was used figuratively to signify such a shape or arrangement (as in khiasma “two things placed crosswise;” khiastos “arranged diagonally; marked with an X;” khiazein “to mark with an ‘X’, to write the letter ‘X'”). Some dialects used chi to represent the -ks- sound properly belonging to xi; Latin picked this up and the sound value of chi in Latin-derived alphabets is now that of English X.

Pictured above is chiasma. I spent before and strong from 2009 to 2021 foreseeing the analemma dilemma and it has come to pass. The distance between Hearts and Brains is now blatantly represented in the Earth’s Heart, the Sun in the sky.

Where you focus / intend your Heart, Face and Brain, you will Reign
words heal – words cure – words work – words have energy – words are independent worlds – letters are independent personalities in them – the number values start them, drive them and they support each other.

Most Important Numbers/Letters

The most important numbers/letters to show these personalities of numbers/letters that make up the words are
123456789 ABCDEFGHI these 18 are for you to know. The 19th is to find out as it is unknowable for now. (Hint, do not count J as it is an imposter) “J” is usurping the space formerly occupied by the unknowable. “K” is the authentic 10 number and so on.

These numbers and letters show the story of creation, humanity and the source of everything is written in the first 9 numbers and the first 9 letters – two sets of 9 symbols/ones or 911
9 ones x 9 ones makes a palindrome: 12345678987654321

Two ways to ‘see’ 911 below – note the palindrome shows 3 “1s” at top with the capstone or 4th One missing – a mystery or unknowable:

Below is a picture of 911 and the mirror can be pictured below going the other direction. as 911 is a happy and a sad number.

1A-9I spells out I 911, it can be happy or sad, a code. The symbols called letters and the symbols called numbers both contain many codes but all contain the choice of happy or sad for the user. But.

What is Math

Arithmetic and calculations allow for hypotheticals / deductive reasoning. These three characters (hypotheses. Arithmetic and calculations) are a particle of Math. Math is results, patterns and Logic. On top of that, all of Math is a particle of our / the story.

During this year I have foreseen the anahata regatta and intend to see it com pass. The compass will be my guide and my friends will be my reason.

Find a Happy Number?

7 is the smallest happy prime number. How do you find a happy number mathematically. Take any positive integer and square it. Use 7 as an example:

72 = 49

Take each digit of this number, square them and add them together:

42 + 92 = 16 + 81 = 97

and repeat:
92 + 72 = 81 + 49 = 130

12 + 32 + 02 = 1 + 9 = 10

12 + 02 = 1

Numbers ending in one are happy numbers. If not end as one then sad numbers. Sad numbers often produce an endlessly repeating loop of numbers.
Ends in one equals happy and recognizes the unknowable. Endless repeating equals ignoring the unknowable and endless death/re-birth plus all the misery that goes with it.

The numbers do not lie but they do Numb Her.

911 is both a happy and a sad number. In the pick above those who seek comfort get discomfort. Those who seek discomfort get comfort. The viewer of the pic sees happy/sad and mirrored.
(Note, all reference to 911 properties in todays text display 911 as unhappy but the truth of that has been scrubbed. 911 is happy/sad and a pallindrome right side up and down, similar to the view of a football)

When written this way the capstone of the two base facing pyramids are missing, it is the unknowable.

911 and the number 36 loop endlessly in a cycle which doesn’t end in 1. Therefore 911 and 36 are both unhappy or sad numbers.

George Orwell and many others have known and know this:

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