The Cure to Trauma and Addiction:

The Cure to Trauma and Addiction

How to approach someone deeply traumatized and addicted – You Must Intervene

Trauma and addiction narrows a persons outlook and behavior and limits their relationships and potential of self evolvement. Millions of cases of this have been resolved through intervention. Intervention means many things. It is not only eight relatives surprising an addict at home. An intervention first occurs when someone who cares about the traumatized addict appears in their presence and demonstrates through their action that they deeply care about the addicted person and are sincerely listening and caring about what they are saying and feeling more than they care about what they are thinking, interpreting or feeling.

An authentic and sincere demonstration of caring that is real and from your heart. This practice is easy to see on paper. The effectiveness of This practice is easy to see on paper. Putting this into practice cannot be seen on paper. We will try regardless.

Through observation we know what it looks like and feels like when we perceive someone authentically cares for us and wants to understand what we are feeling and trying to say. We have seen the persons across from us reaction when we show this type of sincere caring and listening. It is in the magical part of human interactions and this causes great change in mood, relationships and outcomes. It is a known commodity to cause great change through listening. Sincere listening mixed with authentic caring.

What affects are individuals going through

The ‘trauma at birth and forced addition to electricity’ effect on an individual causes changes in their behavior thereby changes in their effect and legacy. This legacy effect and the people they helped or hurt carries on after each action as each action adds to each persons overall development. So each person has an outcome for themselves and shapes the outcome of every person they interact with.

The effect also appears in the language and the way we use it with each other. The many different meanings and subtle ways to share indifference and mundaneness lead to the rampant misuse of language toward disregarding each other and excusing each other for that behavior.

We use the language and misuse of it to rename our own personal flaws and demons into the names of the people we meet and read about. This truth when realized will lead a person to know thyself, one of the ultimate achievements in this life.

We are all a blend and we are all a blend together. Each of us is affected by the group and the group affects each of us.

Knowing this causes great change. Recognize the traumas occurred, forgive yourself and go about the business of recovery.

Face the truth of the power electricity is holding over us and go about the business of change. Face the issue of self poisoning through negative foods, overeating, bad sleep habits and lack of exercise and reverse it.

Learn the way the body works, what it needs and how to respect it to gain your best natural body. Face the issue of shame, guilt and self loathing. What actions cause these feelings.

Each of the above statements require testimony and witness from a loved one. Anyone who wants to guide their loved one to recovery will benefit from understanding the details of the business of change. There are many reassurances, validations and demonstrations of caring that can be detailed by anyone who has gone through it themselves. It is also helpful to know the details of the con.

Any good guide or someone who wants to help someone should know as much as they can through study and practice the following:

The Trauma and Forced Addiction to Electricity

The Con – How It Works and Why

The Cure – Listening, Caring and Knowing Thyself

Leaders are forming now as we build Part Six Testimony and Witness, for those who want to lead the repair of themselves and those they love. There will be details of helping people through testimony and witness. And most importantly, being there.

If you benefit please help us raise funds to share this message of relief and knowledge. We are not for profit. We want to spread relief and repair. Choose any amount.

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