Proof All People are Addicted to Electricity and Trauma Resulting from Actions of:

Part Four – Proof of Trauma and Addiction to Electricity – Worldwide

Reneging on Obligations and Living the Meme of Creating Order from Chaos

All modern people in the world today are born into addiction to electricity which in itself is traumatic to a human being. This bold claim has been established by thousands of researchers across the world. It is well known the effects of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation and dirty electromagnetic radiation. There are hundreds and stacks and stacks of studies and experiments that demonstrate the detrimental biological effects against the human body resulting in a range of symptoms which have turned into debilitating issues for the people at large and have been renamed into diseases and remedies by the corporations and government partnerships.

These government corporation partnerships seal themselves into a mutually beneficial relationship which always benefits their group more than any other group including the people at large. This leads to rampant naming claiming identifying and possessing everything, idea and person. Electricity and trauma are a perfect tool to get human beings to yield to the desires of the above named partners.

How long has this been going on?

The oldest known experiments with electricity was around 1740 and the progress and expanse of electricity and every version of it has been continuous since. Each stage of electricity’s development had studies of its detrimental effects on humans. The evidence of the symptoms and the maladies are endless. At some point in the progress of electricity it was decided to name the maladies and create “cures” for them.

This is when medical professionals and electricity together gain tremendous momentum in the mind set of a fast moving industrial revolution world. There are many business interest and also government was growing rapidly and new people being born rapidly also. The misdirection and overlooking of the maladies from being exposed to electricity has since those early days of the 1800s cost many hundreds of millions of lives of people who were needlessly born and lived a life of trauma and addiction. We see the problem stated well so equally offering the solution. Please see this pdf for more info.

Trauma to the Fetus, the Infant and the Child

The unborn child is subjected to the directions followed from the modern medical system. This includes a range of bad advice and toxic injections. The trauma can only be stopped by withdrawing from the medical system. If not the infant and the child and up until the child becomes aware of this and stops it, the trauma will continue by group collaboration and leave to endless bad behavior, misunderstandings, self imposed poisoning, breaking relationships and endless cycles of misery and joy.

This can lead to adults who have real power and can cause real events and their effects to unfold and become new ways for all people to repeat in their behavior. The fancy way is to say psychopaths are in power. Thereby the more we follow their directives, the more powerful they become and the more traumatized and addicted we become. The problem is clearly stated so equally the solution.

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Part Four – Proof of Trauma and Addiction to Electricity – Worldwide

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