Define Order out of Chaos

Define Order out of Chaos

December 1, 2021

order out of (from) chaos or made/built from the materials or source or resources of chaos
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chaos is our natural state and the format of all Life when observed

(keyword here – when observed)

what is chaos

chaos is the natural order as we observe it however it is also ordered so it is a perfect blend in balance of chaos and order

This is what nature and true life are at its ultimate state or for a human being it would be pH seven or the best life possible.

A perfect mix of peace and friction, stillness and movement.

Ordo ab Chao

The powers that be have issued their statement and put it in plain sight in front of everyone and that is always where truth appears and can be found.
It is their misguided (and Nature’s Way) of presupposing that they can balance order and chaos when in reality their statement says they intend to make order from chaos

One cannot be made from the other as they both must coexist to match the balance that nature demands and since all things must yield to nature this action is illegal no matter how many laws are written down.

Since nature always achieves balance we could ask the question how will legality and illegality achieve balance?
or how will nature create a balance or a repair?
And if that is the correct question then what are the two parts that are being reconnected or repaired. In other words, is it critical to identify what two parts we are reconnecting?

How can dirtiness and cleanliness be matched or paired
Do they need to be paired or mutually acknowledge each other or can they simply be explored to answer a question and complete a dissemination

We will find out when we back up to our previous agreements and determine what our true purpose is for ourselves and each other.
We will see it relates to a harmony in nature or ourselves and our groups.
We will see when we properly identify free will and consequence.
When we see nature and our nature are always achieving balance.

…our ‘nature’ is that – “we each walk as complete and independent Nature within Nature”

Although nature can be observed and resolved with explanations and with explanations matched to images and definitions, these are derived from observations, so we do not know what nature does when we are not observing it.

This aspect of nature acting one way when observed and another when not observed has been proven.

Through observation it is known that Nature always achieves and reaches balance, renewal, perpetuation, eternalness, and peace.
All life forms in nature and the earth itself are seen to do this in an apparent eternal cycle.

Human beings are life forms/independent Nature who share the earth with many other life forms. Each one of us and the earth are Perfection in that we are perfectly balanced and achieving balance within a match up of chaos and order. Of these two, chaos and order, neither are explained or understood to the satisfaction of almost everyone. Why?

The reason is because we are all resolved to and trained to accept, through watching other persons behavior, to make order from chaos. And we behave like young student / children taking orders from teachers, media and institutions who all promote the reason for and the benefits of creating order from chaos.

The proposition or ‘the con’ is that order can be made from chaos.

Or that chaos can be ordered. Or that chaos can be named identified claimed and possessed. Now who with the correct perspective would ever try to do that? (See next blog)

With this knowledge why would so many follow ordo AB khao ( order out of chaos) when we know that all the churches and all the schools and all the media and all the institutions are following this directive. And we know that they impose this directive on all people. So it is perfectly understandable how after a period of time and levels of abuse that a large group of people could fall for such a simple con.

The best cons always work on the simplest terms. One thing about our existence that we have proven over and over is that all truth is plainly under our nose and in plain sight. We know from revelations that are coming fast and furious in these times, that the powers in charge have accidentally shared this knowledge with us. (Nature’s Way)

Was it really an accident or is it nature achieving balance. Nature is the only constant that is achieving balance and the sooner we notice that nature is doing that the sooner we can get to notice that we too are each an independent nature.

As independent natures we carry within our being an independent experience/ existence that all that we see outside of us occurs within us. That there is a certain macro micro truth to all things. That all things are indeed coexisting within chaos and order and in balance.

When a human being sees this they naturally assume their natural nature as choice and consequence are self evident.

Next blog: Proof all modern people are addicted to Electricity, Trauma, Pain, Passing on Obligations and following the Meme of Creating an Order from Chaos while Eliminating Chaos

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