Man as an Island – The Con

Man as an Island – The Con

 November 29, 2021

We are writing a blog at this moment to show how we all became purple (Trauma inflicted thru continuous battering from left and right – conservative and liberal – male and female – (red) READ & BLUE (makes purple) Have you ever seen someone after a severe beating? The bruises all over their body turns them Purple – purple reign all over your ass until you submit.

How many ways can money be counted? Is that the right question? Linda’s vision is a world without money – mine too but two possible outcomes. One outcome is based on compliance. The other is based on non-compliance.

Compliance/control is exactly what the mechanism of currency is about; taxes, too. (Alternative to money would provide): — A world to pursue one’s natural instincts in peace and without the shackles of slavery binding one’s fate to a narrow path.

Silas Speaks on YouTube

1899 your integrity, honesty, trustworthiness was how your ‘net worth’ was determined

In 1985 your bank account ‘net worth’ determined your value

.. the trend since 1990 is to base all Human value on their social credit score based on their compliance with the directives and desires of a small all powerful group …..

Talk about solutions or actions on solutions

The flood of information we complained about in the mid 80s to the late 90s was called the information overload. We adapted to it by learning to assemble all the info into small packets or summaries. We were also handed technology and devices so we could easily retrieve all of these tiny bite sized packets.

Fair enough, but almost everything in our life ended up being put into small packets. Speed up to today, and skipping a lot of the juicy parts, we now have parsed our small packets into dozens or hundreds of smaller packets for each small packet. To the point where we have to literally create our own personal identifying techniques and associations to refer to.

This continuous need and action toward addressing these millions of tiny packets of information has led to every one being addicted to this bad behavior. We are convinced we are assembling information when in reality we are cutting it up into millions of pieces making it unrecognizable.

Ancient knowledge building on ancient knowledge and more ancient knowledge has developed into a collection of superior knowledge which is handled by the “powers that be”.

By the rules of this world the ancient knowledge they know of (truth in plain sight) cannot be covered up or hidden. The powers that be have power over the lies only. You can be assured that most of what they have control over and describe to you is about lies.

What can be done

First accept that you are not a victim. Instead you can think of yourself in the same way you have observed anything and anyone you have ever seen in your life including earth and the heavens.

You and I and all we have come to be are a development or an accumulation of all we have ever said thought felt or done. Any change to any of it would change who you are right now.

The reason we are such an awesome, complex and mysterious arrangement of developments is because the earth and we matching humans are awesome, complex and mysterious arrangement. We have many powers to mold our reality and create the outcomes we desire. If we relinquish that power to others, they will use your power for their own gain.

This is the goal of the con men and women who are pulling off “the big con”. We have discovered this through reverse engineering, pattern observation and resolution and a deep dive into the con itself. While on this journey we were more interested in learning about ourselves, our powers to manifest and our partnership with the unknowable source of all things.

Learning these things allowed us to be able to learn about ourselves. The most powerful technique we use to bring ourselves the knowledge, peace and fearlessness that we now have was via sincerely listening to and caring for others more than ourselves. This action and the outcome showed us our purpose and yours. It is to share these great truths with those you can influence so that they too can come to know thyself.

The Memes

We learn how to behave, speak, write and interpret people things and the world around us through watching others and watching the world unfold in front of us. One of the strongest memes =known to man is “to belong”, to fit in, to be accepted, to be wanted. This seems quite natural until you realize it is being used against you. All the other memes about how to behave are based on the first meme, to belong.

After the first meme there are three types of memes. Things we know we know, things we know we don’t know and things we don’t know we don’t know.

There are also memes that we talk about and there are invisible and silent memes that cause us to not talk about certain subjects or subjects that cause discomfort. When most people agree with each other that comfort is good and discomfort is bad then those people might miss out on the rewards of some discomfort in your journey. IE, the gains from pains. IE, a mess or problem faced and repaired.

Identify the invisible memes

Since they are invisible we are not sure we have identified them all but we are happy to share the ones we have. Basically, any subject considered taboo, off-color, complicated things, subjects that make us uncomfortable and issues that appear hard to resolve. We have learned over generations to pass off our former obligations to our community that we used to fulfill over to the schools, the media, the celebrities, the news, the institutions, the press, the internet, youtube, wiki and the governments.

The institutions include the churches, religions, chemical companies, lawyers, the billionaires, the medical agents the military the police, and the bureaucrats. And others.

As we pass our obligations over one by one over many generations, each of these groups and institutions grows bigger and becomes more and more consumed with power and each of the members of these power hungry groups become more and more vulnerable to being manipulated or pushed around. Now you know where they got it from, it’s origin was our bad behavior of disregarding our obligations.

We all know this also, the more dependent someone is on you, the more contempt for them you develop. This adds to the uncomfortableness of it all.

We are now in a cycle of ‘them’ being consumed with power and an insatiable appetite for more power. While we spend our time complaining about it or analyzing it. This cycle is vicious and includes self-perpetuating death and misery. Picture below.

What it Appears to Be

Everything in Life is what it appears to be with the correct knowledge and understanding of yourself. The Ouroboros pictured above is easy to find as it is represented consistently across all cultures but the schools tell us it is mysterious and there are many understandings of it and meanings.

Wrong! It is exactly what it appears to be – self-perpetuated death and misery. It is a snake eating itself to death.

And to make it even less funny, if we simply recognize this con / spell we are under – it fades away.

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