Does Purple Reign Because of the Beatings

Does Purple Reign Because of the Beatings

Why royalty is purple

We all know royalty loves purple. They constantly wear purple, refer to purple and have lots of purple things. I was told as a child my favorite color was purple and indeed I became convinced that I loved purple. It definitely has a rhythm to it which I did not understand.

The powers that be that show off their purple and are bragging to you the color they have turned you. Hiding it by putting it in front of your nose. Only the most important and severe truths will be found the most blatantly placed under your nose. They’re as close to you as your significant other, the words as you understand them and your two hands.

We are purple from the beatings. A continuous attack on our thinking, emotions, senses and body/mind/spirit.

What is the Comfort Zone Bubble

There have been books and stacks of pages written about and identifying the various parts and reasons of the “comfort zone bubble”. Everybody and their mother has a definition, a description and an opinion. We each think about it occasionally and we each have a personally developed ” picture of it”.

One thing agreed on is we all have engaged and or accepted a comfort zone bubble. The comfort zone bubble keeps you safe from (beatings) things and concepts you do not want to hear. It creates a type of “self-nationalism” which extends into our pairs, groups and larger groups. This creates a larger group mind effect of “nationalism” and “self-nationalism”. Each man becomes an island unto himself.

This works great in a world with only one man in it. From all appearances this is not the case here. I think we can all co-exist as man in an island unto himself who also considers all the other islands more than his, but I digress, back to the blog…

What are the working parts

Comfort Zone Bubbles are not needed by human beings unless there is duress. Under duress it is perfectly natural to look for comfort in face of duress. However, if the duress is not addressed or regressed it will grow in power and influence even though you are safe in your comfort zone.

This is the moment we all must face where we, by rule of this life, cannot be neutral. Stagnation is not an option. Life insists. You must choose to stay and reinforce your defensive position, ie. stay in your comfort zone. Or.

Option 2 is better for you and for me and for all of us. IT would be to address the attacker. Now, each of us is currently as purple as you can get. Some a little more, some a little less. We are this color from millennia of beatings, turning us into giant bruises mentally and emotionally.

Yes this is a description of severe trauma. And yes it has affected all individuals in the world. The attackers are aware of their position and are pinned to it. We the victims, even under such severe duress and distress, continue to look directly at each other and strive for a positive outcome. Because we are good. Because we believe in love. Because we care for each other.

Facing your attacker includes facing the long time that you have allowed yourself to be attacked. This also includes any obligation you may have left undone. This of course leads to shame, guilt and self-loathing. This causes a greater need to run and hide from duress and distress or create a more complex comfort zone bubble.

All these layers of comfort means the authentic you is still receiving beatings and not addressing the issue or the attack. The reason we turn purple is from the beatings. But if we step back a few feet we would see that our purple is a blend of 2 independent attackers working together.

One of our attackers represents the color red and all that goes with red. The other attacker represents blue and all that goes with blue. They beat us equally in measure form all sides and keep us focused close up to ourselves so we will not see we are being attacked.

Once this is recognized, the path to repair and restoration has been entered.

Is the comfort zone comfortable

The comfort zone bubble is very very uncomfortable. We have to use a lot of excuses, mis-directions and multiple meanings for concept and words in order to be perplexed enough to take “the con” being offered to us.

Now since we have become accustomed To “comfort” which in reality is neither comfort or security, we will be embracing some discomfort on our way to restoration and repair, but the payoff is so great there is literally no comparison to staying beaten and bruised (purple).

How often do I trade with discomfort

We do it every day and for some of us all day in order to get what we want. When the lawn needs maintenance you may face discomfort while you finish the job. For some it s like that going to their daily job. For some being humble is uncomfortable but they do it to get what they want. For some lying is uncomfortable but we do it to get what we want.

We have all heard the shout “stop being a victim”. Imagine if yourself told you that.

Talking to my friend about the fake named illness and resolution, he said to me, “I’ll just take the shot and live out my life, I do not want to face these issues you mentioned”.
Do you think this song was playing in his head and will again right before his last breath?
(Brought to you by the attackers – with glee unfortunately)

Video under text.
Carole King made a tapestry for your mind. She rolled you, it is her role. She is one of the gazillion attackers we embrace as our friends. Read the lyrics and think.

“It’s Too Late”

Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time
There’s something wrong here, there can be no denying
One of us is changing, or maybe we’ve just stopped trying

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it, Oh no no

It used to be so easy living here with you
You were light and breezy and I knew just what to do
Now you look so unhappy, and I feel like a fool

And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it, oh no no

There’ll be good times again for me and you
But we just can’t stay together, don’t you feel it too
Still I’m glad for what we had, and how I once loved you

But it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late
Though we really did try to make it
Something inside has died and I can’t hide
And I just can’t fake it, Oh no no no no no

It’s too late
It’s too late
Now darling
It’s too late

Below is an evolvement of same idea directed at the little ones, time to get busy, put our big boy pants on and declare the enemy and learn true Life again.

If you benefit please help us raise funds to share this message of relief and knowledge. We are not for profit. We want to spread relief and repair. Choose any amount.

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