Evil from Start to Finish

Evil from Start to Finish

Thoughts have a certain amount of power and properties. They cause a friction the same way an idea in your mind causes a friction of thinking processes and emotional responses which many times leads to its physical manifestation.

The phrase “actions speaks louder than words” issues the self evident truth that actions vibrate at a much stronger level than thoughts. This is exampled in speech and actions where the thought becomes manifested at a much higher vibratory level through the voice.

So evil can be perpetrated and perpetuated first as a thought then as a feeling then as speech and then as action. So as you can see you have four chances to manifest evil, you will be manifesting evil at the first thought but its power will be minimal and influence at this starting level of evil.

You still have time to match your evil thought reference to any remembrance of childhood reverence you may recall.

The next level of evil is in the allowance of an emotional response to an obviously evil thought. When you do this, you have taken the next step. There is still time to reverse course.

During and after you adventure into step two on the route of perpetrating evil you will notice the urge to write, speak or share your thoughts and feelings. This will give you a bonus round of time to reverse course.

Once you voice/write your evil idea you will have given it a hundred times more power than when it was a thought. The power of the voice is more powerful than any weapon in the world, the same goes for written text. You have manifested a thought into a physical match.

The final step in perpetrating / perpetuating evil is to plan and take action toward the achievement of the evil action. Even during this period you will have multiple periods to reverse course.

So as you can see there are many levels of harm and outcome between the idea of evil and its physical equivalent

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