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At What Point In our life does reverence become outweighed by reference? Why do reference and reverence spell and sound nearly identical? Second question answered first:The reason they are so similar or identical is to help shape your view of those two words and their meaning and to identify what their purpose is. It is …

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At What Point In our life does reverence become outweighed by reference?

Why do reference and reverence spell and sound nearly identical?

Second question answered first:
The reason they are so similar or identical is to help shape your view of those two words and their meaning and to identify what their purpose is. It is also to cause an overlap. These two words sound the same and spell similar so they are easily confused.

To refer to something, it is typically a known, named, identified and in most cases claimed or possessed thing. To revere something is a feeling that leads to your actions and that ‘feeling’ is un-containable. It is un-claimed and cannot be possessed except by an individual.

Now the first question, this can happen many times in a persons life in both directions, ie in and out of referencing your identity points, feelings and actions and in and out of reverence for them and combinations thereof. When you revere something it is because that is most important to you. Even when it is unselfish.

We all share a first time that references noticeably outweighed our natural born reverence for our life, our six senses, the caregivers around us, peers, the power source of living things, the creation within us and the creation we find ourselves within. 

We first become aware of our only reference before we were even born. It was reverence for our new potential and possibilities, even as a pre-born baby we had these sensations.

Typically from age 3 to 6 we start to assemble enough references and validations from those around us, that the references begin to equal or outweigh the reverences. How we handle the ratios of focus on references or reverences is determined by our make-up, environment and influential people in our focus.

You would have to have been convinced early that there is something in your life to notice worth having lasting reverence for.

This can be thought of as the calculating ever outreaching brain and mind to find more and more references. And the always constant nurturing and provider of life, heart rhythms, emotions and actions which never waivers in it’s reverence for it’s position.

Religion and Science

Science is on the calculation, brainy, AWAY team – literally it means knowledgeable about how “to separate one thing from another, to distinguish,” related to scindere “to cut, divide” (from PIE root *skei- “to cut, split;” source also of Greek skhizein “to split, rend, cleave,” Religion is pretending also. To be on the HOME team. Literally means: “action or conduct indicating a belief in a divine power and reverence for and desire to please it,”

Religion, from Anglo-French religiun (11c.), Old French religion, relegion “piety, devotion; religious community,”*leig-#etymonline_v_53438Proto-Indo-European root meaning “to tie, bind.” So we can see the literal meaning is RE (repeat) Lig or leig (to tie, bind) Ion (this means you and me) Therefor religion wants to tie you down, where exactly is not clear. Minimum they are after is status quo. So there you go, a contradiction. One wants to take you away to the land of hypotheticals, deductive reasoning, theories, unproven declarations and fantasy.

The other is doing the same exact thing. One pretends to be the HOME team. The other pretends to be the AWAY team. Both pretending in order to uphold a status quo in our thinking and actions. ‘They’ are mimicking nature and natural life rhythms in their behavior so we recognize that part while we are entranced by the glitter, lights and declarations. Neither side has proven anything except the ability to uphold fantasies as real.

That is a contradiction. Not their contradiction as they have the same goal. It is our contradiction.

Shall we continue to behave as small children and be led by unprovable things or shall we grow up a little and prove things to ourselves and each other.

How did we get here?

When we jumped into this upside downed Omegas World – the “U” we found ourselves in a creative world of friction, responses/choices and blends/developments/outcomes and more of the same.

The pressure helps us extend into any and All places physically, mentally and emotionally. We can have pressure points and enemies inside our own bodies, in our minds and hearts and we can see enemies and pressure points all around us in our immediate world and beyond. We love our Life. And we love our pressure points (contradictions/friction/chaos/monsters).

This is what we know. Our most important monsters are the ones we make inside us including the ones we ‘learned’ as an infant and child and young person. We have experiences that are ‘monstrous’ and we can keep the image in our heart/brain and it can be referred to when we need it or want it. Turns out the most relevant monsters to any modern person are the monsters they ‘keep’ inside.

They become references. We learn to forget the original basis of our Life which was reverence.

The monsters we ‘know’ about on the outside are almost every time not monsters at all. The number one monster today living inside is the distress we hold toward ourselves over the innumerable ‘bad’ choices we have made. ALL related to holding our Will over another.

A choice or response.

You know, better job, more money, better mate, better friends, better house, better things. Yeah, Better than the guy next to me. And what does this friendly monster yield us? everything the mind can give, more fantasies, more answers, more questions, with a miserable death at the end and no meaningful legacy.

Seek the unknowable thing you relied on as a child, the best friend you had – your reverence for Life, Self, Creation and those you Love.


In the simplest terms: Once you recognize the many pieces of you and the splendor. this world and all it’s focus become a pimple on your leg and it does not hurt to have the pimple nor does it have any impact or effect on your circumstances. Complete freedom, peace, fearlessness and purpose Is that so bad?

When parity is offensive it is a reaction from your developed references mind manifesting through you, while ‘authentic you’ sits on couch like potato

Parity includes facing up to messes and cleaning / repairing them

Come to our rant / discussion site with 1000s pf recorded convos and ongoing live discussions:

Where did this server come from? It was an open rant site of left over inner searchers / apocalypse club members and has turned into a deeper search for resolution featuring my rants and not much convos over the last several weeks. What does it do today?

There is a ton of content and retrospect, reference and reverence if one looks around and can get past Kevin’s willingness to show different parts of himself and how he sees things. We are promoting Wisdom Warriors U – which is about identifying the codes, the de-codes and the resolution of reverence and reference. A balance of calculating brains to just Hearts.

conversion, transmutation, adaptation, resolution – too many shuns! TION in English is pronounced SHUN but in French (the originator) it is pronounced ZION Like Church – was Shursh and before Kirk (circ) Look at all the churches that were. They were the media.

Today the church is alive and well – they have transmuted, they are the media, the schools, the soros groups, the build gates groups, the trump groups, the news, the movies, the music and the military. We left them to their own devices and did not regulate them. So be it. Religion decodes real easy – re(repeat) lig(tie down) Ions (you and me) Lose the SHUN and you get a “T” sound instead – convert, transmute, adapt, resolute, which is the point — “V” is a clue when point is evoked

Words are one place to find decodes – most reject the work of decoding as it would reveal a map they know innately they cannot ignore.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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