Schools Universities Purpose?

schools beginnings start in the 1890s

mind era
mind era

American public school system was quietly revamped

Streamlining Americans at school

In the early 1960s the entire American public school system was quietly revamped and streamlined to unify the curriculums nationwide. This type of overhaul has happened a few times since.

Most documentation on schools beginnings start in the 1890s. America and the world are missing facts and figures from about 1870 to 1770. Our historians do not seem to mind all the spaces and non history from these years. We will find out.

The creators of the schools and universities goes back to the people who founded and funded them, the billionaires of the early 20th century.

Their intention was to create consumer/worker bees who would never stop wanting or working for more things to increase their status and pleasure.

Did they know the excesses they were pushing on us would lead to our ruin? As we look back at the shrewdness and calculating plus the effectiveness, we can only surmise the powers that be are working a proven playbook.

This method was upheld with bribery and punishment

This method was upheld with bribery and punishment of all involved on the government school sides and payoffs for the business men or corporations.

Harvard university started as a place where you were chosen based on social ranking. Or as it is called in India, a caste system.

The first organized ‘schools’ in America were based on social ranking and eugenics.

Today the best schools have our youth locked inside metal lined walls with high powered microwave transmitters on their laps and air saturated with wifi and electromagnetic pollution.

What shall we do?

Practically lemmings following each other into the abyss. No basic knowledge of what they truly are and how to regard themselves and others.

What shall we do?

Ruth Orkin Photo 1940s

what I to you to we to all do next

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