Are we in a war right now
mini spat controversial question on quora

yes, the war is on

Yes, iron, steel, hardened. Pre-conditioned for millenia. ‘Truth Messengers’ are relinquished to back seat caboose duty while the train moves on.

Because they accept it for survival after watching others with large signals ‘disappear’. Messengers remain safe to expand their signal.

messenger stays true to the message

What happens is, the messenger takes on too much worldly ways when acclaim and large signal happens.
This messenger’s ‘attachment’ to the world is what makes him ‘viewable’ to the monster monkeys. If the messenger stays true to the message, he ill stay invisible to monsters, his efforts will protect him, always.

diligence and vigilance are key

Of course diligence and vigilance are key to avoid stepping in front of speeding trucks
So using ‘their’ internet and infrastructure aids the managers greatly. They can watch creators grow before they even become creators. All the while calculating every possible outcome.

Do you ever wonder what makes these animals think we are so special about. If we were cows and horses we would be treated as such, wouldnt we?

callousness of the public at large, as it has developed

Seems to me, the callousness of the public at large, as it has developed, is directly correlated to the growth, power and corruption of corporations and govs, which has led to fascism and a quiet www with no shots being fired.

We are at war with ourselves!

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