My Personal Guarantee to your Peace and Fearlessness via Appreciation and Humility

Recognize who and what you are. Use your knowledge and skills to find the Appreciation and Humility you need to evolve. Words are a funny thing nowadays. We each have developed our own private view of words, sentences and ideas as we have come to learn to assemble them in our minds.

Everyone likes an organized work area. Same way in our Mind about our personal views of ourselves, the world around us and how others look at us.

Words have this dynamic today of having a slightly different meaning and feel to each individual, when it comes to what we read, hear, see or say or write. We have all allowed this together through our lazy behavior toward language. And we see laziness in many other areas also.

Our dis-recognition / overlooking of the true meaning of words and especially the important words has led to us being somewhat ignorant of what is happening to us as a result. And the harm to relationships and others we are causing.

All this because we are mis-educated about language and not shown most of the important info on it and how it relates to our Peace and Fearlessness.

Would you be a good consumer / work machine if you were not afraid of lack? If you had Peace and Fearlessness, do you see yourself in the same place you are now, doing the same things?

When we live as a child and allow for all others, we become Peaceful and Fearless. When you remember your childhood and re-live it as a mature one, you will not want your money back.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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