Have We Traded Truth (Provable) for Consensus (Deductive) ?

Truth Detection vs Deductive Reasoning

“popularity and majority” equals a consensus of sorts. So there is a truth there. It is true that a concurrence has occurred and that there is a consensus or a Mental Senses Joining. That part is true and observable.

In our times, we have developed to the point that each of us walks with an independent variation of reality and definitions of sounds, colors, words, phrases and their meanings according to our minimal understanding of it all.

What Agreement did we Make

Getting an agreement between 2 or more people is as close as we can get to the ‘Truth’. And yes, when we do this, we declare to each other that we have established a ‘Truth’. If we could only grow up just a little, we would see we established a consensus and not a ‘Truth’.

Maybe we could have a more mature view on the topic?

Look at the question, it has the answer. When we prove something and it can be proven easily by the next person by the same method, we then have a more solid consensus as it is born from the foundation of provable things. If we make deductions it is because we have found we are missing information. In order to make a conclusion, we can seek the missing parts or just reach over them and make a deduction!

Once we build a consensus around these ‘deductions’ which as mentioned have missing parts, we can start to declare to each other we agree on something and that can evolve to declarations of ‘Truth’!

When in reality, we have merely created a consensus under our own terms. If there are no supervisors around to be detected, a Human will stretch his boundaries. This is where we find ourselves in these times.

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