Education and Educere in Latin, which was better?

Where does (Latin) education come from?

Any one person can change their actions to ‘move’ another person. They will notice and in time you will both re-pair.

Any pair can help start up another pair, we make groups from there, we care and dare to share, everywhere, there are ears to hear.

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Education comes from the word, Educere is also from the Latin root which means to ‘lead, to draw out from’. To ‘lead’ from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light’ and also from the ‘ignorance in the cave or from the darkness in the cave’ to light of knowledge’.

Humans are Complete with Knowledge – Innatism – Educere

From this perspective of ‘drawing out’ knowledge is already implied as being already within the individual and needs to be ‘drawn out’. This points to innatism. In the process of teaching and learning, the learner is seen as already possessing knowledge all that the instructor (we can equally say the teacher) needs is to direct the learner and ensure that knowledge and vies are put in their right perspectives.

Here teaching and learning involves a two-way communication. It is dialogic in nature.

We are not teachers, we are leaders. We lead players to the Win!Wisdom Warriors UniversityWe love wisdom and fight for it, we are for something!

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