Conspiracy Theory – What Gives?

occult dollar bill
See the many rituals portrayed on the Dollar, Why?

Conspiracy Theory is a tool of the Gov. They use the CT Operators to validate their endeavors and as a testing site to determine how receptive the population is to ‘Truth’ versus ‘the message’ being delivered.

The CTO’s do invaluable work for the matrix. They spill everything out publicly, for all to see, even the antagonists. How does this make sense?[5:11 AM]Are we helping or should we be operating in the dark as they do? Us CTO’s are a bunch of immature pussies who do not know our asses from a hole. Spilling out evidence and strategy for all to see. How more stupid could we be? We do the bidding and service for THE ENEMY. Any suggestions? I know, it is late in the game.

We all have known this, so what’s up? Next?

Are we ready to be physical with this? Are we going to meet secretly, face to face? No, we will get rolled. Every MTFKR for himself, I am saddened to share. So happiness for us will only come individually to each person. This has become a blatantly solo journey.

Will you trade jabs and compliance to maintain status quo or are we ready to grow. Beyond the trap of the “O”. We are awesome Creators. All is available to Us.

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