Who should be controlled/governed? Me or other People?

Masked protesters scuffle with riot police during an anti-governmtne rally in Bangkok.
Masked protesters scuffle with riot police during an anti-government rally in Bangkok s shopping district on July 21, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Several hundred protesters from the V for Thailand movement rallied against self-exiled former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and the current government, which is headed by Thaksin s sister Yingluck Shinawatra. A number of protesters and police received minor injuries after an unidentified tear gas like chemical was dispersed by an unknown party.

Who is in Control?

There is no “we” here.

I do not. I am just fine with self control and self governance. I know many people who, like me, object to being “governed / controlled”.

I also know many people who want other people to be “governed / controlled”, and so support and defend having exactly such a government in place. To control other people.

Now the trick here is sometimes an individual is the one who wants others controlled, sometimes the same individual is the one other people want to be controlled.

All of those people want other people controlled, and so all of them support a government to do that, even though, more often than not, it is themselves as individuals who end up being controlled.

Those who want to control other people will not give up supporting that control, even when it is themselves who end up being the target of that control.

Oh they all bicker and argue among themselves and with each other about what to control, and how much to control, but there is no lack of a demand that other people be controlled.

Which is why anyone who stands up and says “I do not wish to be controlled” is immediately attacked and ridiculed as being irrational.

One example: Arbitrary speed limits. When I have said, “Arbitrary speed limits should be repealed”, most people tell me that would be a terrible idea.

Yet when I am driving on the highway, it is the very rare driver that is not speeding. So rare, in fact, that someone driving the speed limit is a hazard on the highway, blocking the flow of traffic.

Yet even with 99% of people speeding, I cannot get 99% of people to agree with abolishing or even raising arbitrary speed limits.

Why not? Because it is always other people who must be controlled. Removing arbitrary speed limits would reduce that control.

Are We Born Guilty Sinners?

Curt from Quora said:

Kev’s response:

Here Here! And thank you. Very well thought and stated clearly.

Shall we include Trystianity in the factors formula? I mean, if we are born guilty sinners, we would want some controls for those who cannot contain their inbred/genetic/inherited sinfulness.

If you go for that stupid message then you will probably ask to be controlled the rest of your Life and want to impose that on others. That stupid message is the No. 1 Meme (Mnemonics) in the world today.

Who is coming with me?

You will make it your job to identify things that are bad so you can “feel better” and feel that you are “good”. You will literally create false / alternative realities within yourself to cope with all this mis-direction.

We can identify this. Making it easy to undo it. Who is coming with me?

2 thoughts on “Who should be controlled/governed? Me or other People?”

  1. All good points. To the driving thing, I passed a girl the other day in my ugly rusty truck by the 45mph sign and she gave me the hand in the air like what are you doing. I just motored on by and said I will do what I want.

    All good stuff here K von. I know you want to reach more people. Like we say keep going forward.


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