Is the real pandemic since WW Web an epidemic of ignorance?

What is Reliable Intel? What is Unreliable?

From the author of the original question:

Everyone is now a victim of something. Instead of being the Victor, the one that stands up and fights back, it is now seen as easier to be a victim of circumstances, than it is to realize that everyone has every capacity to change their lives. They just have to want it.

Men and women rise from the dirt, in 3rd world countries where they have no electricity and disease is widespread, in abusive homes where they barely get to be a child, and many crumble under the weight. But the select few look around, and with a certainty unlike any other tell themselves;

“I will make this better.”

From Kev, response:

Thank you for lighting up the elephant in the room!

The path to willful ignorance is the path to complete ignorance – which most of us have gone along with.

The mental problems are a result of being on this path. Results like Willful Ignorance, Addiction to Pleasure, and Victim Complex. We use these expressions to shield ourselves from a scary and unexplainable world.

None of this is possible without participation and enthusiastic collaboration with the T (avistock Ins) V (ent) Meme (Mnemonics) HQ. They provided the memes from Lucille Ball to Beyonce. We lapped it up and Americans boasted to the world how great it was to live in an American Dream.

We were telling ourselves and the world the ‘truth’ at the same time. IE, “The American Dream” – not real – a fantasy.

Everyone, it is time to speak up.

Please share your wisdom or reaction.

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