Do our experiences of Life(s) and Death(s) become part of the Air?

Q-ANON Response:

This is the real unknown secret of life. We live in our thoughts. When we do not think or we can not think anymore, it is death. All the experiences are in our thoughts.

Air Water contain all the Divine Intelligence of Now

Kev: I suggest the Air and the Water contain all the Divine Intelligence of Now, Tomorrow and the Past. I am suggesting every breath and every drink contains All knowledge and experiences.

My sense, is there is a direct ‘wired’ connection between each Soul Carrier and the Source of Souls. This direct connection can be referenced or reverenced. Per the Mind and ‘Freedom’ of the Soul Carrier, this connection can be embraced or ignored.

Reverence Acceptance Referee

Reference is a referee or a ‘judgement decider’. Reverence is a revolution and acceptance of Natural

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