Quora?: What is more important to you, faith or proof? Why?

Personally, We think Faith is physical and we feel it inside ourselves. It is a feeling of validation after due diligence and vigilance. From doing the hard work, magic and answers appear.

I get my faith after I get my proof. If the proof is not readily available, I study patterns and the results of those patterns. When these observations are not enough we do simple, observable and repeatable experiments to get the proof.

Calculus and theories allowed in Science.

If no avenue of proof is found, we leave it to mystery and we are satisfied we checked all provable areas. That gives us Peace and Faith we are Correct.
I refuse to use anything related to deductive reasoning as proof, things like hypotheticals allowed in Calculus and theories allowed in Science.

Exact Sciences were given a backseat in the Greek times when the beginning of Deductive Reasoning occurred.

BTW, an atheist is also A Theist

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