When I quit Meat and Wheat, what then?

A little about meat in the human body. Meat takes 24 to 72 hours to digest, leaving you in a constant state of digestion. Instead, your body would be regenerating you and keeping you young.(edited)[5:58 PM]Your body has to work 10 times harder to convert meat into compounds your blood can use. YOUR BODY DOES NOT GET PROTEIN FROM MEAT!

Instead, a long convoluted process takes place inside your body to convert the meat into usable compounds. The meat itself provides no direct protein. Your body creates protein from the air, water and fruits / vegetables you eat. The long delayed digestion causes the meat to ferment and become alcoholic – or Red Rum-Mur Der(edited)[5:58 PM]The meat causes the body to need more of it so you always crave it.[6:00 PM]The meat is never fresh and always adulterated during the breeding, after slaughter and before packaging. It is putrid as soon as you see it at the store.[6:01 PM]The death vibration from eating dead animals is dangerous to humans.[6:01 PM]

The energy to make one cheeseburger is a thousand times more than buying and eating one. So you the burger eater, causes that. That 999 points of extra energy can be put to use elsewhere.

What will I eat now?

Things on the DO EAT list and not things on the DO NOT EAT list. Priority one.

Replace sugary drinks with correct water and raw fruit juice or diluted juice.[11:45 AM]Replace candy with dates, dried mangos and dried fruit. Replace chips with better non-canola or palm oil organic chips. And use raw or less roasted or adulterated seeds and nuts. Add dips! Like guacamole, hummus and the variations. Plus get the best and closest to raw nut and seed butters. Use celery sticks as often as possible. Use carrot sticks and radishes but less of them.

Only cook vegetables with raw or best coconut and olive oils. When you are ready, eliminate dairy, eggs and cheese. Fruit is the number one food a human can live and thrive on. The rhythm of fruit is alive, living and Life. It speeds through the stomach into the bloodstream with little waste. The water content of fruit is the best water in the world and what the body wants and needs. You will feel the energy and the satisfaction as your sleeping operating systems reboot and restart. Your thoughts of self loathing and what is wrong with the world will be replaced with appreciation and humility in front of Creation.

When doing smoothies for breakfast: Eat melons separate with 20 minute breaks. Choose sweet, ripe and super watery fruit including bananas and dates but also oranges, pears apples mangos kiwis and more. When you peel, de-seed and blend you should end up with a giant vat of liquid donuts that is tender on the throat, sweet on the tongue, pleasant to the eyes, and gracious to your thighs, plus for your mind body and spirit, a big surprise

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