What 5 Institutions / Beliefs do Educators/Intellectuals/Academics Promote?

“The common thread running through heliocentrism, evolution, psychology, and communism is that there is no God.
Indeed, atheism is logically a necessary element for each of those man-made philosophies to stand.” – Edward Hendrie
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“Observe, then, that when you are silently conversing with yourself, this very process is carried on within you by your reason, which meets you with a word at every movement of your thought … Whatever you think, there is a word … You must speak it in your mind …

…. Thus, in a certain sense, the word is a second person within you, through which in thinking you utter speech … The word is itself a different thing from yourself. Now how much more fully is all this transacted in God, whose image and likeness you are?” Tertullian on Logic (Lodge I See)

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