The Magnetic Magic Net will Catch you and Bounce you wherever your Mind Wants.

Latest Release “ME”

Our Earth and our Bodies are Perfectly Matched & Tuned Magnetic Magic Nets

Our Minds and Emotions lead to the Sounds we Make and Listen to.

What we say and listen to determines our Fortune

(For Tune)
The Sounds we Hear and Say are the Vibrations that Make or Break Us

Kevin & Nina’s 36 Year Battle/Love Story

Kevin and Nina’s story of living together (shacked up) for 36 years and going through two end of the world cults, poor health, facing Death and then, Life!

We studied each other and asked questions as a team, we both had about our Earth and our Being. Turns out each other had the missing answers and solutions the other needed

Details on the Plasma Apocalypse/Revelations/Rapture

We learned of the Plasma Apocalypse by following and paying Brian Austin Lambert and Kimberly Giordano, our cult leaders. (Noteworthy for their free and paid websites about the end of civilization by The Plasma Apocalypse – under YouTube monikers BAL33 and Mia’s New Pair of Glasses).

Magical Earth Discovered

Powered by Air Water & Sound. All arranged by our Consciousness. Allowing it is the key. What stops us from using it fully?

It is always a wall we come to, or a stumbling block or a point of disagreement. It is primarily because of unclear expectations and missing validation.


Evidence of Wiped out Earth Civilization pre c1800.

Tartaria was superiorly advanced in Natural Harnessing of Energy via Air and Water and they lived within the Natural Law of Respect for Others. They were also highly advanced in structure building, adornment and enjoying Physicality to it’s fullest.

At some point they lost their balance of Sympathetic Energies and Explorative Energies. They took their eyes and Hearts off the Ball of Balance. T

I used to try and shut out my magic because I thought it would make me and everyone else happy if I could just be normal. The crazy thing is, I didn’t make myself or anyone else happy until I embraced my magic and totally gave up on being normal.

Above quote from the Underground Indigo

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